Home Motorsport 10 Bizarrely Spectacular Nigel Mansell Collectibles You Can Add to Your Collection

10 Bizarrely Spectacular Nigel Mansell Collectibles You Can Add to Your Collection

10 Bizarrely Spectacular Nigel Mansell Collectibles You Can Add to Your Collection

Nigel Mansell’s Legacy Collection: A Goldmine of Racing Memorabilia

Nigel Mansell, a name known to racing enthusiasts and casual fans alike, is synonymous with excellence on the track. With a Formula One (F1) championship win in 1992 and a CART championship victory in 1993, Mansell holds a permanent place in the annals of racing history. His fierce battles with Aryton Senna are just as legendary as his iconic moustache, solidifying his status as one of the greatest British racing drivers of all time. So, when news broke that a significant portion of his personal collection was heading to auction with RM Sotheby’s, racing fans and collectors alike were eager to peruse the listings.

Dubbed Nigel Mansell’s Legacy Collection, this auction features an impressive 330 lots that go beyond the typical racing trinkets. Among the items up for grabs are trophies from his championship-winning seasons, helmets and racing suits spanning two decades, as well as a stunning array of automotive art. In essence, this is an opportunity to own a piece of F1 history – if you have the means to afford it.

But let’s put aside the conventional expectations of racing memorabilia. What about the unexpected treasures that lie within Mansell’s collection? We have delved into this auction and uncovered a multitude of curious oddities that have caught our attention. Here are some of the unusual and intriguing items that we covet for our very own motorsports collections:

1. A Unique Trophy: No collection of Mansell’s career would be complete without nabbing at least one trophy from his impressive 1992 F1 blitz. While most trophies are exquisitely designed cups in the traditional sense, one standout piece from the Spanish Grand Prix is a snazzy bottle of Sherry complete with arms and a hat. And we must say, we are more than content with this unconventional choice.

2. A Replica Bulldozer: Amidst all the race cars and race-themed items, imagine owning a replica of the first Cat crawler built in 1925. This fascinating addition to Mansell’s collection may leave us wondering about its backstory, but nevertheless, it remains a captivating piece that offers a unique glimpse into the world of heavy machinery. With an estimated cost of approximately $150, it’s an item that enthusiasts with various budgets can afford.

3. Honda Minibike with Ferrari Badges: Mansell joined the Ferrari F1 team in 1989, and it seems that this little Honda minibike served as his means of zipping around the pits during that time. A rare instance where attaching Ferrari stickers to a Honda becomes acceptable, this charming piece offers a playful nod to Mansell’s illustrious racing career.

4. Commemorative Knives: In the United States, knives are often presented as tokens of accomplishment. Mansell’s victory as the fastest qualifier for the Budweiser GI Joe’s 200 race in Portland earned him this unique accolade. With its distinct design and significance to Mansell’s career, it stands out among the other items on this list.

5. Podium Hats: With 72 podium finishes under his belt, Mansell collected a substantial number of hats to shield his head from the sweat-soaked helmet hair. Thirty-six of these iconic hats featuring Goodyear branding are up for auction. While all of them possess their own charm, the hat from the 1992 Spanish Grand Prix perfectly complements the aforementioned Sherry trophy, making it a standout choice.

6. Stylish Briefcase: A luggage set is part of this collection, but it is the red leather briefcase adorned with a Prancing Horse stitched to the side that truly captures our attention. Carrying this elegant case, handcuffed to our wrists, would undoubtedly spark curiosity and leave others wondering about the secret Ferrari files we may be transporting around the track.

7. Artful Dagger: Among the many enigmatic items in Mansell’s collection stands an intricately crafted dagger. While the plaque accompanying it mentions its historical significance, its connection to motorsport remains elusive. Whether it was a gift or related to a specific event, this enigmatic piece captures the imagination and adds an air of mystique to the collection.

8. A Sword: Completing the collection of unexpected weapons, we find a sword from England. As a Special Constable for the Isle of Man, Mansell’s ownership of this sword piques our curiosity, much like the aforementioned dagger. Its significance in his racing career and the story behind its acquisition are mysteries we would love to unravel.

9. Race-Dated Crystal Wine Glasses: Unveiling a touch of elegance, the auction lists 31 F1 crystal wine glasses with race-dated inscriptions. Unfortunately, specific race details are not provided. Their allure adds a refined touch to the collection, and rumors suggest that a prominent Motor1 editor may have their eye on this particular lot as a potential holiday gift.

10. Cadbury’s Race the Ace Ashtrays: Ashtrays may be a bygone item in modern times, but these stylish Cadbury’s Race the Ace branded ashtrays transport us back to the motorsport events held at Brands Hatch in 1995. With a well-used appearance, these unique Mansell trinkets may hold even more appeal for collectors seeking a touch of nostalgia.

The Nigel Mansell Legacy Collection is far from ordinary, offering an eclectic mix of unexpected treasures that leave us yearning to add them to our own motorsports collections. From unconventional trophies and replica bulldozers to whimsical minibikes and elegant wine glasses, Mansell’s diverse assortment of rarities is a testimony to his illustrious career and passion for all things racing. This auction presents a golden opportunity for devoted fans and collectors to own a piece of Nigel Mansell’s legacy.


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