200,000-Mile Examples of the Original NSX Are Not as Rare Due to Its Remarkable Reliability

    According to Richard Graves, a high-mile Acura/Honda NSX enthusiast and owner, impressing the community requires putting 400,000 miles on your supercar. Graves, who himself owns an NSX with 200,000 miles, believes that high-mileage examples of the NSX are not as rare as one would expect. In fact, he estimates that there are dozens of examples with over 300,000 miles. Graves believes that since the cars are around 30 years old now, it doesn’t take much driving per year to accumulate high mileage. He also emphasizes that the NSX’s drivetrain is extremely robust and can withstand extensive use. The engines are so well-built that owners can choose to run more power through them or leave them stock and run “essentially forever.” However, Graves advises potential buyers to prioritize maintenance over mileage when considering a first-generation NSX. In terms of the NSX with the highest mileage, a few years ago, Honda recognized an NSX with 443,000 miles as the highest-mileage example. However, Graves claims to know of an NSX in Austria with even more miles, around 470,000. Regardless of the exact mileage, it is clear that the NSX showcases Honda’s reputation for reliability. With two examples closing in on 500,000 miles, it’s safe to say that the NSX is no exception to this legend.

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