Home Car Reviews 2020 Lotus Evora GT: Exploring an Alternative Ride

2020 Lotus Evora GT: Exploring an Alternative Ride

2020 Lotus Evora GT: Exploring an Alternative Ride

The Lotus Evora GT: A True Alternative to the Porsche Cayman

When it comes to sports car shopping, the automotive media often directs buyers towards the Porsche Cayman. With its mid-engine layout, various powertrain options, and comfortable GT variant, the Cayman seems like the perfect choice. However, not everyone wants a Cayman, and thankfully, there’s a fantastic alternative available: the 2020 Lotus Evora GT.

The Lotus Evora GT is the most powerful and quickest version of the vehicle to date. It boasts a supercharged 3.5-liter V6 engine that produces an impressive 416 horsepower. This power is paired with a close-ratio six-speed manual transmission, allowing for an exhilarating driving experience. To further enhance performance, the Evora GT features a four-corner independent suspension, Eibach coil springs, a limited-slip differential, and AP Racing four-piston brake calipers.

Driving the Lotus Evora GT is a sheer joy. It’s a car that loves to be driven hard, with a vibrant personality that adds to the thrill. The combination of the powerful engine and precise manual transmission delivers a rare treat in today’s automotive landscape. The supercharged engine provides a linear power delivery that feels natural and easy to wield. With over 400 horsepower at your disposal, reaching illegal speeds is a breeze, something that was not always the case with previous Lotus models. Additionally, the engine produces an intoxicating sound, further enhancing the driving experience.

On the road, the Lotus Evora GT shines. Its weight of 3,175 pounds coupled with excellent brakes and steering make for a confident and enjoyable driving experience. The four-piston brakes provide ample stopping power, allowing for late braking into corners and higher entry speeds. The steering, although heavy, offers great feedback and enhances the driver’s connection to the road. The Evora GT’s standard Michelin Pilot Sport tires provide excellent grip and never hinder the car’s desire to stick to the pavement.

However, despite its driving prowess, the Lotus Evora GT falls short in terms of interior quality. The material choice is nice, with leather and Alcantara upholstery, but the finish isn’t up to par with its German rivals. The cabin lacks the refinement and attention to detail that the price would suggest. At nearly $100,000, the Evora GT’s interior quality is hard to justify. While it may be the best sports car at a lower price point, dishing out Cayman GT4 money for a new Evora GT is a tough choice. In this case, opting for a lightly used version may be a better alternative.

Nevertheless, the Lotus Evora GT’s drawbacks are overshadowed by its raw and unvarnished driving excitement. It’s a car that delivers pure driving pleasure, making it worth every penny of its Porsche-like pricing. Despite its compromises as a grand-touring car and questionable interior ergonomics, the Evora GT remains a compelling daily driver with a strong dose of weekend fun. It’s difficult to think of any other sports car that can match the Evora GT’s thrill on the road.

In conclusion, the Lotus Evora GT is a true alternative to the Porsche Cayman. With its powerful engine, precise manual transmission, and exhilarating driving dynamics, the Evora GT offers a unique and thrilling driving experience. Although it may not match the interior quality of its German rivals, the Evora GT’s driving prowess is unmatched. For those seeking a sports car that prioritizes driving enjoyment above all else, the Lotus Evora GT is the perfect choice.


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