Home Car Reviews 2022 Lexus LX 600: Impressions from behind the wheel of a Powerful, Luxurious Beast

2022 Lexus LX 600: Impressions from behind the wheel of a Powerful, Luxurious Beast

2022 Lexus LX 600: Impressions from behind the wheel of a Powerful, Luxurious Beast

The market for ultra-premium trims in luxury SUVs has seen a significant increase in the past few years. Land Rover was the first to introduce this trend with its four-seat Range Rover trims, followed by Mercedes-Benz’s Maybach-badged GLS. Now, Lexus has joined the party with the redesigned LX.

Following the footsteps of Range Rover and Mercedes-Maybach, the Lexus LX 600 Ultra Luxury takes luxury to another level. It replaces the center bench with a two-seat layout featuring a fixed center console and an abundance of equipment. The rear seats are not only heated and ventilated but also equipped with massagers. The passenger-side chair can even extend out into a lounger, complete with an ottoman. The LX 600 truly lives up to its Ultra Luxury designation with its extravagant features.

However, our editors discovered that even though the LX 600 is packed with luxury, it’s not without its flaws. One of the downsides is its four-seat layout, which sacrifices cargo space. The second-row chairs do not fold down, resulting in a modest 41 cubic feet of cargo space. This limitation proved to be a challenge when it came to storing luggage and other items during a test drive.

Despite this drawback, the LX 600 Ultra Luxury offers a remarkable driving experience. The ride quality is excellent, providing a whisper-quiet and comfortable journey. The 10-speed automatic transmission and twin-turbocharged V6 engine perform exceptionally well, making the LX feel faster than its 6.9-second sprint to 60 promised by Lexus. While the back seats are undoubtedly the highlight, the driver’s seat still offers a pleasurable experience.

One of the standout features of the Lexus LX series, including the LX 600, is its incredible ride comfort. No matter the terrain, whether it’s the freeway or off-road trails, the LX 600’s soft suspension absorbs bumps and keeps the body stable. It offers a reminiscent feel of old American luxury cars from the 1970s, prioritizing a relaxing ride over handling corners with high speed.

However, the driver and co-pilot do not receive the same level of luxury as the rear passengers. The front seats lack the massaging function available in the rear captain’s chairs, which implies that the chauffeur is considered less important than the passengers in the back. This omission might not sit well with some individuals and could potentially lead to dissatisfaction among customers.

Furthermore, the front half of the cabin may feel somewhat cramped due to the short dashboard and upright windshield. However, this complaint carries a nostalgic tone, reminiscent of the older LX 450 model. In a way, Lexus has brought back elements of the past while incorporating the luxurious ride comfort and features expected from a modern luxury SUV.

In conclusion, the Lexus LX 600 Ultra Luxury brings an abundance of luxury features to the table, making it a strong contender in the ultra-premium luxury SUV segment. While it offers a lavish and comfortable ride, its limited cargo space and lack of front seat luxury might be seen as drawbacks for some. Nevertheless, the LX 600 impresses with its overall performance and opulent second-row seating experience.


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