2023 Auto Guangzhou Show Abuzz with Excitement Over Groundbreaking New EVs

    Automakers at Auto Guangzhou 2023 Showcase Latest Products in Highly Competitive Chinese Market

    As the struggle intensifies in China’s automotive industry due to a price war, both established car brands and startups are presenting their latest offerings at the Auto Guangzhou 2023 show. This exhibition serves as a platform for automakers to gain an edge in the fiercely competitive Chinese market.

    The Auto Guangzhou show, traditionally one of China’s largest car expos, highlights the intense competition in the country, which has resulted in weaker foreign brands being overshadowed by domestic rivals. These domestic manufacturers are vying for a slice of the Chinese market and are pushing the boundaries to captivate consumers.

    Wen Dali, the deputy general manager of GAC-Toyota, a joint venture between a Japanese automaker and its Chinese partner, acknowledged the challenges faced by joint car manufacturers in the current situation. He revealed that over 20% of the joint venture’s new car sales in China over the next three years will come from new energy vehicles, primarily battery-run electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid EVs.

    Let’s take a look at some of the highlights from the Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition:

    BYD – Sea Lion 07:

    BYD unveiled its Sea Lion 07, a mid-size crossover designed to rival Tesla’s Model Y. The vehicle features muscular fenders, bold air inlets, and clean character lines that give it a unique and sporty appearance. With a 4.8-meter length and a 2,900-millimeter wheelbase, it offers a driving range of over 700 kilometers, surpassing its US rival. Equipped with BYD’s advanced driver assistance system, the Sea Lion 07 is set to launch later this year.

    Geely – Zeekr 007:

    Geely introduced the Zeekr 007, its first electric sedan under the premium Zeekr brand. Designed by Stefan Sielaff, a former head of design at Bentley, the 4.9-meter-long vehicle features advanced lighting technology, an 800-volt battery system with a driving range of up to 870 km, and Qualcomm’s latest cockpit chip. Geely aims to start delivering the Zeekr 007 in January at a lower-than-expected pre-sale price.

    Xpeng Motors – X9:

    Xpeng unveiled its first flagship multi-purpose vehicle, the X9. Priced competitively at RMB 388,000 ($53,544), the seven-seater offers ample interior space and boasts the best third-row seats on the market. With rear-wheel steering as a standard configuration, the X9 has excellent maneuverability, making it an attractive option for families.

    Li Auto – Mega:

    Li Auto finally revealed its highly anticipated MPV, the Mega. The seven-seater van features a sleek design resembling China’s high-speed trains. It has the world’s fastest charging speed among electric vehicles and a drag coefficient of 0.215, making it highly efficient. The Mega is available for pre-sale with a price of around RMB 600,000 ($82,800) and is scheduled for delivery in February 2024.

    The Auto Guangzhou 2023 show offers a glimpse into the intense competition in China’s automotive market. With automakers striving to gain a competitive advantage, consumers can expect innovative and high-quality vehicles to hit the Chinese market in the near future.

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