Home Car Reviews 2024 Genesis GV80 Review: Long-term Test Drive of the Classy yet Thirsty Audi Q7, BMW X5, and Mercedes GLE Rival

2024 Genesis GV80 Review: Long-term Test Drive of the Classy yet Thirsty Audi Q7, BMW X5, and Mercedes GLE Rival

2024 Genesis GV80 Review: Long-term Test Drive of the Classy yet Thirsty Audi Q7, BMW X5, and Mercedes GLE Rival

Meet Graham, the Genesis GV80 3.5T Luxury. After three months of living with my family, it’s time to bid farewell to this long-term test car. Our family has a tradition of naming our own cars, and Graham was the perfect fit for this luxurious vehicle.

But naming a car isn’t as simple as it seems. It takes time for the right name to reveal itself. In this case, we didn’t decide on Graham until the very end of our time with the GV80.

It’s a bit weird for me because my father’s name is also Graham. However, unlike the car, my dad is not as comfortable, practical, or easy to drive. The GV80 surpassed his qualities in every aspect.

Now that the test is over, it’s time for Graham to go back. I’m referring to the car, not my dad, just to be clear. During our time with the GV80 this month, we traveled 518.2km. Most of these trips were in small suburban areas with a lot of stand-still traffic, resulting in high fuel consumption at 22L/100km. This is much higher than last month (16.7L/100km) but similar to our first month (21.4L/100km).

If your driving is mainly urban, expect to see at least 20L/100km in this V6-powered GV80. However, if you spend a significant amount of time on motorways and open roads, the efficiency improves.

As I mentioned before, a twin-turbo V6 SUV with all-wheel drive is not the most efficient choice for regular driving. It’s like using a cruise liner to go to the shops for some butter and paper towels.

Despite the fuel efficiency, we will miss the comfort, practicality, and ease of driving that the GV80 offers. It has been a pleasant experience overall.

During our time with Graham, we discovered some interesting things. We learned that the seats are not gray but green, the park brake doesn’t automatically engage after shifting to Park, and the cabin stays cool even when parked in the sun for hours. The media system proved to be not very intuitive, but we managed. Surprisingly, even with the third row in place, a pram can fit in the boot. However, the matt paint is easy to clean but looks dirty almost immediately. And of course, Graham always seems to be thirsty for fuel.

This month, we made a few more discoveries. The sat nav has an augmented reality function on the media display, providing directions over the forward camera image. Unfortunately, there are no child seat anchor points in the third row. Another interesting feature is that when reversing, the GV80 shines beams of warning lights behind it to caution pedestrians. Additionally, we found out that a small barbecue can fit in the boot with the third row folded flat.

When the last day arrived, I told my son that it would be our final trip to school in the GV80, and I wanted to capture a photo of him saying goodbye. He even hugged the car. A few days later, I picked him up from school in our next test car, the Bentley SUV Bentayga, which costs half a million dollars. Surprisingly, he told me that he missed the GV80. I have to admit, I missed it too.

So, goodbye Graham, and thank you for the wonderful memories. It’s been an eventful journey with you.

– Acquired: August 2023
– Distance travelled this month: 518.2km
– Odometer: 16,197km
– Average energy consumption this month: 22L/100km


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