Home Classic Cars $2,640 Car Cover and $900 Trunk Organizer Available for Dodge Challenger Demon 170 Owners

$2,640 Car Cover and $900 Trunk Organizer Available for Dodge Challenger Demon 170 Owners

$2,640 Car Cover and $900 Trunk Organizer Available for Dodge Challenger Demon 170 Owners

The Dodge Challenger Demon 170 owner’s club is a highly exclusive venue, and with only 3,300 units planned for production, it’s no wonder. However, Dodge is taking exclusivity to another level by offering a range of items that can only be purchased by Demon 170 owners. These “after-delivery products” include car covers, special badges, and even a decanter set.

There are a total of 11 items available exclusively from Dodge after the Challenger reaches its owner. While some of these items can be quite pricey, they offer a unique opportunity for owners to customize and enhance their Demon 170.

The most expensive item on the list is a series of closeout panels made from carbon fiber, designed specifically for Demons with rear-seat delete. Priced at a whopping $3,999, these panels not only add a touch of luxury but also enhance the overall appearance of the vehicle.

Another standout item is the Goodwool car cover, which is form-fitting and specifically designed for the Demon 170. This cover perfectly contours to every nook and cranny of the car, providing optimal protection. However, such beauty comes at a price, with the cover costing $2,640.

For those on a slightly tighter budget, Dodge offers a satin indoor cover with Demon 170 branding for $695. This cover still offers protection and showcases the Demon 170’s unique branding.

If you’re a fan of carbon fiber, you’ll be pleased to know that Dodge also offers a trunk organizer made from this lightweight material. Priced at $899, this organizer adds a touch of sophistication and practicality to the Demon 170.

If you’re planning on racing your Demon 170, Dodge has you covered with a parachute release kit. This kit, priced at $1,329, includes a leather-wrapped handle and all the necessary hardware for a safe and controlled parachute deployment. Additionally, a harness bar is available for $1,389, providing a secure mounting point for seat harnesses.

All of these after-sales products can quickly add up, with a total cost of $12,029.99. While this may seem like a significant sum, for Demon 170 owners seeking to personalize and enhance their vehicles, it’s a worthwhile investment.

One of the unique items that Demon 170 owners receive as part of the base price is a decanter set. Along with a special Demon 170 badge for the dash, these items are personalized to the owner and the car’s serial number. They add a touch of exclusivity to an already rare and desirable vehicle. Additionally, Dodge also offers a free car detailing kit from Jay Leno’s Garage, further enhancing the ownership experience.

It should be noted that Dodge has not mentioned any limitations regarding the production of these items. Therefore, it can be presumed that they will be available to every Demon 170 owner who places an order.

However, there is one ultra-exclusive option called the Demon 170 Jailbreak, which is only offered to a select group of buyers. Rumored to include a $30,000 price tag, the Jailbreak upgrade offers unique appearance changes and the opportunity to choose a one-of-one color. While Dodge has confirmed the existence of this option, the full details of the package have yet to be revealed.

For all Demon 170 buyers, the after-sales ordering process will begin on September 6. This will give owners the chance to further customize and personalize their vehicles with these exclusive items.

In conclusion, the Dodge Challenger Demon 170 is already an exclusive vehicle, but Dodge is taking exclusivity to another level with a range of after-sales products available only to Demon 170 owners. From carbon fiber closeout panels to luxurious car covers, these items allow owners to enhance and customize their vehicles. While the prices may be high, for owners seeking a truly unique ownership experience, these options are undoubtedly worth considering.


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