Home Supercars A Ford F-150 Possessing the Power of a Supercar

A Ford F-150 Possessing the Power of a Supercar

A Ford F-150 Possessing the Power of a Supercar

Hennessey Unveils Venom 775: The Ultimate Luxury Performance Truck

Everything is bigger in Texas, and Hennessey proves this statement once again with their latest creation, the Venom 775. As a renowned hypercar manufacturer and high-performance vehicle tuner, Hennessey elevates the Ford F-150 to unparalleled heights with this beastly truck upgrade. Designed to dominate the luxury performance truck segment, the Venom 775 showcases engineering finesse, unbridled power, and exclusivity, as Hennessey plans to produce only 250 units each year. To sweeten the deal, they also offer a 3-year, 36,000-mile warranty.

Prepare to be amazed by the jaw-dropping numbers behind the Venom 775. At its core, this magnificent truck boasts a supercharged and intercooled 5.0-liter Coyote V8 engine that produces an astonishing 775 horsepower. That’s an incredible 94 percent increase compared to the stock Ford F-150’s 400 horsepower, surpassing performance truck competitors like the stock Ford Raptor R and Ram TRX. Hennessey goes the extra mile by enhancing the torque as well, achieving a staggering 727 lb-ft, a 77 percent boost over the original. With a 0-60 mph sprint time of just 3.6 seconds and a quarter-mile time of 11.9 seconds, the Venom 775 is not to be underestimated.

But power is not the only focus for Hennessey; they have engineered the Venom 775 to possess unparalleled on-road and off-road versatility. Equipped with a Fox lift kit, 20-inch alloy wheels, and 35-inch off-road tires, this truck is ready to conquer any terrain. Concerned about handling all that power? Don’t worry, as Hennessey has refined the suspension system and equipped the Venom 775 with multi-piston Brembo brakes with red calipers, ensuring exceptional stopping power. The front and rear bumpers not only enhance the truck’s performance but also display the “Hennessey Venom” branding and feature LED illumination.

Despite the impressive modifications, Hennessey ensures that the Venom 775 retains its factory drive modes. This means you can effortlessly switch between modes like Normal, Slippery, Deep Snow/Sand, Mud/Ruts, and more, providing the best of both worlds – a truck that excels in off-road adventures and performs like a high-performance machine.

Step inside the Venom 775, and you’ll discover a luxurious interior that features embroidered “Hennessey” head restraints and exclusive Venom 775 badging. Founder and CEO, John Hennessey, assures potential buyers that this truck is compatible with premium trim levels, eliminating the need to compromise on luxury.

Undoubtedly, the Hennessey Venom 775 is a game-changer in the high-performance truck segment, combining off-road prowess with supercar speed. If you’re looking for a truck that redefines limits, the Venom 775 is the perfect choice. However, act swiftly, as only 250 units will be produced, making this venomous wonder a rare find.

– Hennessey Performance official website
– Hennessey YouTube channel


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