Home Travel & Road Trips A Review of The Orucase B2 Bike Travel Case: The Market’s Most Compact and Convenient Rolling Bike Case

A Review of The Orucase B2 Bike Travel Case: The Market’s Most Compact and Convenient Rolling Bike Case

A Review of The Orucase B2 Bike Travel Case: The Market’s Most Compact and Convenient Rolling Bike Case

The Orucase B2 Bike Travel Case: The Most Compact Rolling Bike Case on the Market

Today’s best Orucase B2 Bike Travel Case deals

Travel has always been a major part of my job as a cycling journalist. While it may seem like we journalists are just enjoying leisurely bike rides all over the world, the truth is that our riding time is often limited. But whenever I have the opportunity to bring a bike along, I take it. However, carrying around a large, cumbersome bike bag is not ideal. That’s why I was thrilled when I discovered the Orucase B2 Bike Travel Case in 2017. It was a game-changer for me, and since then, I have taken it on countless trips.

The original Airport Ninja bag from Orucase was my go-to for years. It was a black bag with backpack straps that conveniently met most airlines’ size requirements for standard luggage. The compactness of the bag not only saved me from excess baggage fees but also made it easy to maneuver in various modes of transportation.

However, over the past few years, airlines have become more stringent with their bike policies, making it harder to avoid sports equipment fees. Despite this, the compactness and portability of the Ninja bag continued to be useful on many occasions. So when Orucase introduced the B2-R Bike Travel Case in 2019, I was excited to try it out. The B2 promised to be even more compact and robust than its predecessor. I have since taken the B2 on several flights, both domestic and international. Here’s how my bike fared.

Construction of the Orucase B2 Bike Travel Case:

The B2 is an improvement over the original Airport Ninja bag in terms of usability, protection, and portability. It comes in two versions: the B2-R (road version) and the B2-MTB (mountain bike version). The B2-R can accommodate road and gravel bikes up to 58cm, while the B2-MTB can fit hardtail and full-suspension mountain bikes up to size XXL with 160mm travel and 29-inch wheels.

The bag itself has a sleek black design, but its slightly more rounded shape gives away its contents. Unlike the Ninja bag, the B2 is built around a rugged, compression-molded base with two aluminum base rails for extra protection. It features two oversized wheels at one end and multiple handles for easy maneuvering. The rest of the bag is made of sturdy ballistic nylon.

One of the standout features of the B2 is its stowable padded backpack straps, which provide extra portability. The bag also has three additional handles on the top and sides, as well as a small zippered outside pocket. Internally, there are stiff compression-molded foam panels for reinforcement and two padded wheel bags.

Assembling and Packing the Bag:

The B2 requires some assembly and careful packing to ensure the bike’s safety. It is recommended to watch or read Orucase’s instructions before attempting to pack the bag. Once assembled, the bag unfolds to reveal the protective panels and wheel bags. The protective panels zip into the sides of the bag, while the wheels are placed on the edges of the compartment. The frame is then tucked in between the wheels, and additional items such as pedals and tools can be stored in the bag’s cleverly situated pockets.

Traveling with the B2:

The rolling feature of the B2 is a significant improvement over the Ninja backpack. The two oversized rubber wheels make it easy to transport the bag, and there are two handles for lifting and pulling. However, due to its short wheelbase, the B2 is not as stable as a full-size roller case. It may tip on its side during fast movements or cornering.

Nevertheless, the compact size of the B2 is its biggest advantage. It easily fits on public transportation and in the trunk of most cars, making it convenient for travelers. It’s worth noting that the bag’s shape may give it away as a bike case, unlike the Ninja bag, which could pass as regular luggage.

How did my bike look on the other end?

During my trips, the B2 case protected my bike well. On two out of three trips, my bike came out unscathed. However, on my international trip, the bag sustained some cosmetic damage, and my bike had paint scratches. This highlights the importance of frame protection and securing loose items within the bag. Orucase offers a Frame Protection Kit that is worth considering to avoid any damage.

Value and Conclusion:

The Orucase B2 Bike Travel Case is an investment worth considering for frequent travelers with limited storage space. While the price may be on the higher end for a bike case, the B2’s portability, compactness, and functionality make it a worthwhile purchase. It saves you money on excess baggage fees and provides convenience in transporting your bike. With its sturdy construction and thoughtful design, the B2 ensures that your bike arrives safely and ready to ride at your destination.


– 1680 Denier Ballistic Nylon Exterior
– Compression-molded base
– Aluminum rails on the bottom
– Two oversized wheels
– Oversized #10 YKK Zipper
– Stiff compression-molded foam armor panels
– Multiple handles and stowable backpack straps
– Padded wheel bags
– Small zippered outside pocket
– Dimensions when packed: B2-R – 29 x 34 x 9″
– Weight: 15 lbs

Today’s best Orucase B2 Bike Travel Case deals

Overall, the Orucase B2 Bike Travel Case is a sleek, highly portable, and trustworthy option for transporting your bike. Its compactness and durability make it ideal for those who frequently travel with their bikes. While the packing process may take some getting used to, the B2 offers great protection and ease of transportation. So if you’re in need of a space-saving bike case, the Orucase B2 is an excellent choice.


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