Advancing Driving Safety in Dubai Autodrome for the Upcoming Motorsport Season

    Putting Safety First: Dubai Autodrome’s Commitment to Driver Protection

    With the new UAE motorsport season now underway, Dubai Autodrome is prioritizing safety in its racing competitions to ensure the well-being of drivers on the track. As a subsidiary of Union Properties, Dubai Autodrome will host 12 regional and international motorsport competitions over the next six months until April 2024. Among these races are the prestigious Hankook Dubai 24 Hours, the Asian Le Mans series, and the UAE Formula 4 championship, highlighting the venue’s significance in the motorsport world.

    Dubai Autodrome recognizes that while racing is the main focus, safety must be at the heart of all race day operations. To achieve this, the venue maintains a large team of up to 250 personnel on-site during events, ensuring that all necessary safety measures are in place. Feleo Furtado, a certified and licensed race director and international clerk at Dubai Autodrome, emphasized the importance of safety, stating, “It’s going to be a busy season ahead, and safety is of the utmost importance to us, whether it is racing competitions or driving experiences on the track.”

    As a Grade 1 circuit sanctioned by the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA), Dubai Autodrome falls under the jurisdiction of the local ASN, Emirates Motorsport Organisation (EMSO), the governing body of motorsport in the UAE. This partnership ensures that all motorsport events operate under sanctioned permits and comply with rules and regulations set by EMSO. With the responsibility to enforce these regulations, Dubai Autodrome officials are committed to maintaining the highest safety standards and applying penalties as required.

    The motorsport events hosted by Dubai Autodrome require the presence of various officials, depending on the event’s scale, including a chief marshal, race director, fire and rescue marshals, and medical staff. Each member of the team is entrusted with specific responsibilities but shares the common goal of working together swiftly and effectively in any situation. This collaboration ensures a safe and secure environment for drivers and spectators alike.

    Dubai Autodrome’s dedication to safety extends beyond racing competitions. The venue actively supports the UAE government’s efforts to promote road safety. Consequently, the safety regulations implemented at Dubai Autodrome also apply to driving experiences and track days. Instructors at the venue are highly experienced and provide safety driving courses, equipping staff with the necessary skills to navigate various scenarios safely.

    Feleo Furtado expressed his pride in the exceptional team at Dubai Autodrome, stating, “We are really proud to have an exceptional team in driving safety forward at the Dubai Autodrome, and their commitment and dedication to their roles go a long way in helping protect everyone on the track.”

    Overall, Dubai Autodrome’s unwavering commitment to safety sets a precedent in the motorsport industry. By prioritizing driver protection and establishing stringent safety regulations, the venue ensures a thrilling yet secure racing experience. As the 2023-2024 motorsport season unfolds, Dubai Autodrome aims to continue its tradition of excellence and lead the way in promoting safety on and off the track.

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