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Alaska Introduces Game-changing Car Cleaning Solution

Alaska Introduces Game-changing Car Cleaning Solution

Alaska, the leading car care product specialist in Scandinavia, has partnered with Halfords, the well-known car care retail store in the UK, to bring car enthusiasts the ultimate car cleaning solution. The new Alaska Activebrush® range is equipped with a built-in aqua chamber that features a patented active valve system, ensuring unrivalled car cleaning performance. This innovative range offers a faster, safer, and more environmentally-friendly method of cleaning, using up to 90% less water than a hose brush.

The Alaska Activebrush® range consists of two cleaning brushes designed for different purposes. The Alaska F1 Activebrush® is ideal for cleaning cars, bikes, and quads, while the Alaska A4 Telescopic Activebrush® is perfect for larger surfaces such as vans, caravans, and boats. Both brushes have premium quality soft bristles that are inclined for a thorough cleaning performance. These bristles are gentle and safe to use on delicate surfaces, and do not harbor grit like sponges do. Additionally, the brushes feature rubber edges and long handles to prevent accidental scratches on paintwork.

Traditional hose brushes can cause damage to paintwork and are not as efficient as the Alaska Activebrush® range. These brushes do not require a hose and, therefore, eliminate the risk of dragging the hose pipe across the paintwork. The Alaska A4 Telescopic Activebrush® has an extended telescopic design, making it easier to clean hard-to-reach areas. The brush head is angled and suitable for both vertical and horizontal surfaces, making it versatile for a variety of cleaning tasks.

One of the key features of the Alaska Activebrush® range is its aqua chamber with a unique and patented active valve system. This system ensures a fast and efficient cleaning process. The valve system draws 120ml of water to fill the aqua chamber in just 1 second, and then evenly releases it over a 20-second period. This means that for every 20 seconds of cleaning, the brush only requires 1 second of immersion in a bucket, making it quicker and easier to use compared to a hose brush. The active water flow from the aqua chamber provides a gentle and thorough clean.

In addition to providing superior cleaning performance, the Activebrush® range is designed to be environmentally-friendly. Extensive tests have shown that these brushes use up to 90% less water than a standard hose brush. The aqua chamber’s active valve system ensures that all the water used is effectively deployed, eliminating the need for a constant flow of water from a hose. This not only saves water but also reduces shampoo usage. For example, car washes using a hose brush typically consume 110 liters of water, while the Activebrush® only requires 5-10 liters. Similarly, van washes using a hose brush consume 150 liters, whereas the Activebrush® only requires 8-15 liters.

The ergonomic designs of the Activebrush® cleaning solutions make them suitable for use throughout the year. These brushes are designed to prevent water from running down the handle, keeping your hands dry. This is particularly beneficial during the cold winter months.

The Alaska Activebrush® range will be available for purchase through Halfords stores and their website starting from January 19, 2009. The Alaska A4 Telescopic Activebrush® is priced at £29.99, while the Alaska F1 Activebrush® is priced at £18.99.

Alaska, with over 40 years of experience, is the leading brand for car care products and accessories in Scandinavia. Their commitment to innovation and environmentally-friendly solutions has established them as a trusted name in the industry.


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