Home Motorsport All cars available in Forza Motorsport’s Car Pass DLC

All cars available in Forza Motorsport’s Car Pass DLC

All cars available in Forza Motorsport’s Car Pass DLC

Forza Motorsport Car Pass: Get Exclusive Cars for Your Collection

If you’re an avid player of Forza Motorsport and are looking to expand your car collection without spending precious in-game credits or earning them through other means, then the Car Pass is just what you need. The Car Pass is a premium, optional add-on for Forza Motorsport that adds additional cars to the game’s roster. This guide will provide you with all the details you need to know about the Car Pass and its benefits.

What is the Forza Motorsport Car Pass?

The Car Pass is a paid-for add-on that gives you access to exclusive cars that cannot be obtained through any other means in the game. With the Car Pass, you’ll receive one new car each week until the Car Pass ends. These cars are unique to the Car Pass and will be automatically added to your game on PC or Xbox console.

How much does the Car Pass cost?

The Car Pass is priced at £24.99/$29.99. However, if you’ve purchased the Deluxe Edition or Premium Edition of the game, the Car Pass is already included. Game Pass subscribers can purchase the Car Pass separately for a discounted price of £22.49/$26.99. Alternatively, Game Pass subscribers have the option to purchase the Premium Add-Ons Bundle, which includes the Car Pass along with other additional content, for £29.99/$39.99.

How many cars does the Car Pass include?

The Car Pass for Forza Motorsport includes a total of 30 cars. While this may be 12 fewer cars than the Car Pass for Forza Horizon 5, it still offers a wide variety of vehicles to enhance your gaming experience.

Can I buy the cars separately?

Yes, each car included in the Car Pass can be purchased individually for £2.49/$2.99. However, if you’re an active Game Pass subscriber, you’ll enjoy a discounted price of £0.25 off each car.

When do the cars release?

New Car Pass additions will be released weekly, every Thursday. You’ll receive an on-screen notification when a new car is added to your collection, and it will be automatically added to your “My Cars” area.

When does the Car Pass end?

The Car Pass is expected to end on April 25, 2023. This means that for 30 weeks, starting from October 5, 2023, you can look forward to new cars being added to the game. Keep in mind that additional DLC packs may be released in the future, potentially adding more cars to the game.

Every Car Pass car

– Volkswagen #22 Experion Racing Golf GTI 2018: This is a recreation of the TCR-category VW racing car that has achieved great success in various championships.
– Dodge #9 American V8 Road Racing TA Challenger 2019: A Trans Am racer with a spaceframe chassis, delivering raw V8 power.
– Nissan #23 NISMO Clarion R391 1999: An open prototype that competed in endurance races like the 24 Hours of Le Mans.
– BMW M2 Competition Coupé 2020: A powerful, straight-six powered super coupe that delivers excitement on the road.

The Forza Motorsport Car Pass is your ticket to an enhanced gaming experience with exclusive cars that you won’t find anywhere else. With weekly additions and a variety of vehicles to choose from, the Car Pass brings a new level of excitement to Forza Motorsport. So, start collecting those cars and enjoy the thrill of the race!


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