Amid Controversy Surrounding Amnesty Bill, Spain’s Sanchez Pursues New Term as Prime Minister

    Spain’s Acting Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez Seeks Re-Election Amid Controversy

    Spain’s acting Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez is set to seek a new four-year term in a parliamentary vote on Thursday, according to the chamber’s speaker. This comes as his party submits a contentious bill that grants amnesty for Catalan separatists.

    Sanchez, who has been in power since 2018, is expected to win by a narrow margin in the 350-member assembly in exchange for the proposed amnesty law. The bill, which has sparked widespread protests, exempts certain crimes from amnesty, such as terrorism or acts resulting in death.

    The controversial amnesty has drawn criticism from thousands of opponents who have taken to the streets for 11 consecutive nights. Despite the opposition, Sanchez’s party, after months of negotiations, reached an agreement with Catalan separatist parties ERC and Junts on the draft of the bill.

    Under the proposed law, those who facilitated Catalonia’s independence votes in 2014 and 2017 will receive amnesty. This includes school directors, civil servants, firefighters, and police officers. The draft also states that arrest warrants for those covered by the amnesty will be without effect.

    While the amnesty bill has garnered support from some, it has raised concerns both domestically and internationally. EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell, a Spaniard and former foreign minister under Sanchez, expressed concerns over the agreements reached with pro-Catalan independence parties.

    Spain’s main business association also expressed concern, stating that the deals could distort market unity and damage Spain’s image abroad, particularly in an increasingly complicated business climate.

    Sanchez’s bid for re-election is expected to receive 179 votes in favor and 171 against, mainly from the conservative People’s Party and far-right Vox.

    In conclusion, Spain’s acting Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez is seeking re-election, but his bid is not without controversy. The proposed amnesty for Catalan separatists has sparked widespread protests and raised concerns both domestically and internationally. Despite this, Sanchez looks set to secure another term in office, albeit by a narrow margin.

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