Ampere: Revolutionizing Electric Vehicles in Europe with Tech Excellence and Operational Focus

    Ampere: Revolutionizing the European EV Market with Ambition and Innovation

    At the forefront of the European automotive industry, Renault Group has unveiled its revolutionary plan to transform the company and address the challenges posed by the rapidly changing market. Ampere, an autonomous company under the Renault brand, aims to make electric and connected cars affordable for all while embracing the imperatives of energy transition and seizing growth opportunities in the market.

    Ampere embodies the spirit of Renault, striving for technological excellence and exceptional customer experiences. With its two EV-native platforms, a powerful lineup of seven cars, advanced centralized electronic architecture, and an innovative Android-based software suite, Ampere is ready to deliver unmatched performance and efficiency. Its manufacturing and supply ecosystem, developed in Europe, is the most compact and efficient in the industry.

    What sets Ampere apart is its collaborative and horizontal approach, partnering with best-in-class companies to ensure low-risk, flexibility, and smart capital allocation. Ampere combines the experience and firepower of a leading carmaker with the agility and innovation of a newcomer. It is designed with a focus on ESG principles, incorporating decarbonization, circular economy, and fair transition practices.

    Luca de Meo, CEO of Renault Group, expressed his confidence in Ampere’s success, highlighting the expertise and enthusiasm of the diverse team that has been instrumental in its development.

    With high-performance cars, competitive prices, a strong brand, and high-quality services, Ampere is well-positioned to tap into the growth of the European EV market. It targets an average annual revenue growth of 30% between 2023 and 2031. With four vehicles, Ampere aims to achieve 10 billion euros in revenue by 2025, expanding to over 25 billion euros with seven competitive models by 2031.

    Ampere’s cost advantage and complete product line-up enable it to gradually reduce vehicle prices while improving margins. By focusing on technological innovation and leveraging Renault Group’s expertise in EV and software, Ampere offers a low-risk and high return financial profile, aiming to reach breakeven point by 2025 and achieve an operating margin above 10% from 2030 onwards.

    The recent successful completion of Ampere’s carve-out marks a significant milestone, paving the way for an initial public offering (IPO) to further accelerate its development without straining Renault Group’s resources. Thierry Piéton, CFO of Renault Group, emphasized the IPO as an opportunity for Ampere to grow and reward its shareholders.

    Ampere is the driving force behind Renault Group’s transformation, aiming to become a next-generation automotive company. The company’s current focus is on five key businesses: electric vehicles (EV) & software, new mobility services, circular economy, high-end vehicles, and ICE & hybrid vehicles.

    With a strong emphasis on democratizing EV in Europe, Ampere targets the B and C-segments, which are projected to represent 75% of the European EV market by 2030. By achieving EV/ICE price parity in these segments, Ampere aims to capture a significant market share.

    Ampere’s complete product line-up, including the Megane E-Tech, Scenic E-Tech, Renault 5, Renault 4, and “Legend,” offers a range of options tailored to different customer needs. Ampere plans to extend its line-up to seven vehicles by 2031, with a target of selling one million vehicles and reaching a market share of 10%.

    To achieve its ambitious goals, Ampere is focused on technology excellence, innovation, and partnerships. Its software-defined vehicle (SDV) technology ensures the car’s permanent upgradeability and reduces chip costs, increasing its residual value and ensuring customer loyalty. Ampere’s collaboration with tech giants Qualcomm Technologies and Google has resulted in the development of OpenR Link, a best-in-class infotainment and connectivity system.

    Ampere’s unique ecosystemic approach covers the entire EV value chain through strategic partnerships for battery and e-powertrain development. Its manufacturing facilities, including ElectriCity and Cléon in France, are ready to meet the high demand with their high-tech and sustainable production capabilities.

    ESG principles are at the core of Ampere’s operations. With a focus on decarbonization, circular economy, and fair transition, Ampere aims to be a net-zero company by 2035. It seeks to reduce emissions throughout the entire lifecycle of its vehicles and ensure ethical and inclusive practices in its supply chain.

    Ampere’s robust financial profile is built on a growth-oriented strategy, aiming for breakeven in 2025 and an operating margin of 10%+ from 2030 onwards. The company targets over 1 million vehicle sales and revenues exceeding 25 billion euros by 2031. Ampere’s low-risk approach and strong assets, combined with the support of Renault Group, position it for success.

    The next phase of Ampere’s development involves raising capital through a potential IPO. The proceeds will further accelerate its growth and enable investments in software capabilities, cost reduction activities, and the development of new cars. With cornerstone investors such as Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors already committed to investing in Ampere, the company is well on its way to achieving its objectives.

    In conclusion, Ampere represents a revolutionary force in the European EV market, driven by ambition, innovation, and a commitment to sustainability. With its comprehensive product line-up, cost advantage, and tailored customer experience, Ampere is poised to lead the way in the era of electric mobility. Supported by Renault Group’s backing and a robust financial profile, Ampere is ready to transform the automotive industry and shape the future of transportation.

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