Aston Martin Collaborates with J.Laverack to Unveil Revolutionary “Boltless” Bicycle – The Aston Martin .1R

    Aston Martin, the renowned luxury car manufacturer, has joined forces with titanium specialist J. Laverack to create a remarkable road bike known as the .1R. This collaboration has given birth to what is claimed to be the “world’s most bespoke, advanced and meticulously engineered road bicycle.” The .1R features groundbreaking design elements, including integrated brake calipers and a visually boltless design. This exceptional bike is tailored to each individual owner’s measurements and weighs an astonishingly light 7.5kg for a full bike.

    Aston Martin has a history of partnering with bike brands to produce exclusive edition bikes. In 2017, they teamed up with Storck to create a limited run of Fascenario.3 bikes, with each bike priced at a staggering £15,777.

    Given that the .1R road bike offers a fully customized build for each rider, with emphasis on designing and manufacturing every element of the bike from scratch to the exact measurements of the individual, it is expected that it will come with a hefty price tag.

    In terms of construction, J.Laverack specializes in titanium framesets, and while the .1R’s frame is hand-built, it combines 3D-printed titanium lugs with carbon fiber tubes. This showcases manufacturing techniques commonly seen in Formula One cars. Aston Martin claims that this construction ensures a frame that delivers exceptional response and comfort while setting new standards of elegance and beauty on two wheels. The frame also boasts a boltless design, with no visible bolts for a bottle cage.

    The handlebar width of the .1R can be fine-tuned by riders. The titanium handlebar stem is 3D-printed based on each owner’s measurements, allowing for customization of both reach and width according to individual preferences. The stem seamlessly integrates into the frame without any visible bolts, screws, or attachments at the headset. The brake hoses are also concealed with internal routing.

    Continuing with customization, the .1R allows owners to specify their crank length down to fractions of a millimeter. While crank lengths are typically available in increments of 2.5mm, the .1R’s crank arms are made of carbon fiber and feature a 3D-printed titanium tip, enabling full customization of the crank length.

    To ensure the bike is truly made to measure, each prospective owner will receive an invitation to Aston Martin’s headquarters in Gaydon, UK, for a comprehensive fitting.

    The .1R introduces a cleverly designed brake system claimed to be the world’s first integrated brake calipers. These calipers, made from aluminum, incorporate four integrated titanium pistons, offering a cable and hose-free appearance across the entire bike.

    The .1R exclusively supports electronic shifting, offering a choice of three 12-speed groupsets from premium manufacturers Shimano, Campagnolo, and SRAM: Dura-Ace Di2, Super Record Wireless, and Red eTap AXS. The bike also includes custom-machined aluminum chainrings, with sizes specified by the owner.

    The .1R boasts its own distinct wheels, the AERA components Æ|55 wheels. These wheels feature 55mm deep carbon tubeless rims with an internal width of 22mm. Additionally, the bike is equipped with custom Continental GP5000S TR tires in a stealth black version, with a width of 30mm.

    Special edition components and accessories further contribute to the .1R’s uniqueness. The saddle is a specially commissioned Brooks C13 saddle, with no visible bolts at the seat clamp. Both the saddle and handlebars are available in a choice of Alcantara or leather. Furthermore, owners have the option to select matching color schemes and trim options offered in Aston Martin’s vehicles, allowing for a harmonious pairing of car and bike.

    As if all these features weren’t already impressive, the .1R road bike also comes with a range of additional accessories. These include an aluminum or carbon fiber case for travel or display, a matching track pump with Alcantara or leather-covered handles, and a handcrafted wooden case for storing bespoke tools.

    For those interested in seeing the .1R up close, it will be showcased at Rouleur Live from November 2nd. Although pricing details have not been disclosed, it can be assumed that this custom-made, premium build will come with a substantial price tag.

    For more information about the J.Laverack Aston Martin .1R and to express your interest, visit their website.

    What do you think of the .1R? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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