Attention is Demanded by the 1994 25th Anniversary Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

    The year 1969 was a long time ago. It was a time when most cars cost less in dollars than they weighed in pounds. Nowadays, we have cars like the Neon weighing in at 2500 pounds and considered a good buy at $13,000. However, some things from that era still hold true today. One of those things is that a bright-white, blue-striped convertible with a powerful engine will always turn heads. Pontiac understood this when they launched the Trans Am model as part of the high-sport Firebird lineup. And now, as they celebrate 785,000 Trans Ams, they have released a special 25th Anniversary edition.

    Although the majority of sales will still be for the closed coupe version, there is something special about driving a drop-top that grabs attention and ignites the spirit. That’s why we chose to sample Pontiac’s 1994 25th Anniversary Trans Am GT in convertible form. It’s a head-turner, a conversation starter, and a way to indulge in some carefree driving on sunny backroads.

    For this particular Trans Am, we opted for the 275-hp Corvette-derived LT1 engine paired with an automatic transmission. It’s a power-packed combination that we haven’t tested since the Camaro and Firebird twins underwent their makeover the previous year. While we believe the six-speed manual transmission better suits the sharp and reactive nature of the F-cars, especially in Z28 and Trans Am guise, the four-speed automatic 4L60-E does its job effectively. It offers smoother shifting and fine management through electronic controls, allowing the driver to choose from different running characteristics.

    In terms of performance, the Trans Am GT convertible holds its own. It reaches 60 mph in 6.1 seconds and completes the quarter-mile in 14.6 seconds at 96 mph. While these numbers may not be as impressive as the six-speed manual variant, the difference is barely noticeable without a stopwatch.

    What really sets the 25th Anniversary Trans Am apart is its aesthetics. The white-on-white-on-white design with blue stripe and bird decal is stunning. It commands attention on the road and easily stands out from the crowd. The convertible top is hassle-free and the close-up, sharply raked windshield provides effective draft protection. It’s a car that demands to be seen and enjoyed.

    Pricing for the Trans Am GT convertible starts at $26,969, with an additional $995 for the 25th Anniversary package. This package includes various cosmetic enhancements, such as white alloy wheels, embroidered white leather seat faces, and special badging. The result is a truly eye-catching vehicle that will leave a lasting impression wherever it goes.

    Overall, the 25th Anniversary Trans Am GT is a powerful and exhilarating ride. It’s not the most relaxing car to drive, with its loud engine, firm chassis, and responsive steering. However, as a convertible, it offers a unique driving experience, from the power top to the wind protection provided by the windshield.

    To put it simply, the 25th Anniversary Trans Am GT is a car that delivers on style and performance. It evokes the spirit of the original Trans Am from 1969 and carries on its legacy with pride. So, if you’re seeking a convertible that turns heads and provides thrilling drives, look no further than this special Pontiac.

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