Attention to Detail in the 2022 Ford Maverick: Driving Notes

    The Ford Maverick has become a major success for the Blue Oval, despite its compact size. With its crossover-like driving characteristics, available hybrid engine, and truck-like qualities, it has quickly become a favorite among consumers. Our team has had the opportunity to test out various versions of the Maverick, from the base XL model to the top-end Lariat trim, with both hybrid and gas powertrains. And spoiler alert: all of them have been fantastic.

    One feature that stood out to our Editor-In-Chief, Seyth Miersma, is the thoughtful door handles. Positioned on the door-mounted armrest, they provide a convenient and easy-to-grip extension that is especially useful when wearing gloves. Additionally, they allow for extra storage space in the door pocket. While this may seem like a small detail, it demonstrates the attention to detail found throughout the Maverick.

    However, Brandon Turkus, our Managing Editor, had a different favorite feature – the interior. Despite some criticism of the hard plastic materials, Brandon believes that Ford has done an excellent job of making the cabin feel upscale and stylish, even on the range-topping Lariat trim. The trim pieces and door panels are solid and well-constructed, with minimal creaking or flexing. While he acknowledges that more options would be ideal, Brandon appreciates the affordable and well-designed interior.

    On the other hand, Jeff Perez, our Senior Editor, highlights the driving experience as his favorite aspect of the Maverick. Its unibody design and compact size make it enjoyable to drive in both city and highway settings. The hybrid powertrain offers sufficient power and impressive fuel efficiency, and the Maverick’s steering, suspension, and cabin provide a comfortable and quiet ride. However, Jeff does mention the presence of hard plastic interior pieces as his least favorite aspect of the truck, although he admits that it’s a minor complaint in the grand scheme of things.

    In summary, the Ford Maverick has impressed our team with its overall package. Its combination of utility, technology, and affordability make it a standout in the market. While there are some minor drawbacks such as the presence of hard plastics and limited option packaging, the Maverick’s strengths far outweigh these issues. It’s a practical and enjoyable small pickup truck that is certain to be a hit among consumers.

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