Home Supercars Bid on a Remarkable Supercar Collection Featuring the Ferrari 512 TR Spider and Low-Mileage Jaguar XJ220

Bid on a Remarkable Supercar Collection Featuring the Ferrari 512 TR Spider and Low-Mileage Jaguar XJ220

Bid on a Remarkable Supercar Collection Featuring the Ferrari 512 TR Spider and Low-Mileage Jaguar XJ220

20 Extraordinarily Low-Mileage Cars Headed to Auction

In the world of classic cars, rarity and low mileage can greatly enhance a vehicle’s value. This is evident in The Factory Fresh collection, a remarkable ensemble of 20 cars that will be up for auction with RM Sotheby’s in November. Among these unique automobiles, there are several standouts that demand special attention.

One of the highlights in this collection is a 30-year-old Jaguar XJ220 in impeccable condition, with a mere 46 miles on the odometer. With only 282 units produced during its limited early 1990s production run, the XJ220 is already a highly sought-after supercar. However, what makes this one particularly special is its extremely low mileage. It’s estimated to be worth anywhere between $460,000 and $521,000.

Surprisingly, it’s not the most highly valued car in the collection. The auction listing for a 1994 Ferrari 512 TR Spider claims that only three of these models were ever built. Moreover, this specific vehicle is believed to be the only one finished in a mesmerizing blue color with a dark blue interior. Although it doesn’t boast the XJ220’s minuscule odometer reading, with just 354 miles on the clock, it’s still an incredibly low-mileage example. RM Sotheby’s has given it an auction estimate of up to £2.7 million ($3.3 million).

Another astonishing find in this collection is a 1991 Bentley Turbo R Drophead Coupe. This rare beauty, styled by Pininfarina, is said to be one of only two ever produced. It began its life as a coupe and was later converted into a convertible. It has logged a mere 460 miles, perfectly aligning with the factory fresh theme of this curated collection.

Meanwhile, the 2001 Ferrari 550 Barchetta could be classified as less rare but no less desirable. According to the auction listing, it is one of only 48 right-hand-drive models ever made. Finished in the iconic Ferrari shade of Rosso Corsa with a black interior, this stunning convertible shows just 137 miles on the odometer.

The ultra-low mileage of these cars is incredible, and it’s not merely a coincidence. The entire collection comes from a collector in Singapore who also acted as the official Ferrari importer for the region. Hence, it’s no surprise that seventeen out of the twenty cars sport the famous Prancing Horse badge. Additionally, most of the vehicles hail from the Radwood era, reflecting the collector’s affinity for that particular period. The collection includes multiple Testarossas and 512s, a pair of 348s, another 550 with less than 100 miles, and a few more recent models such as a couple of 599 GTBs. For vintage enthusiasts, a 1969 Jaguar E-Type provides a glimpse into automotive history.

If you’re eager to get your hands on one of these carefully preserved gems, mark your calendar for November 4, the day of the London auction hosted by RM Sotheby’s. Fashioned with extreme care and maintained meticulously, these low-mileage vehicles offer a unique opportunity to own an exquisite piece of automotive history.


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