Car Dealer Magazine features delivery-mileage Ferrari and Maserati ‘twins’ available from Supercar dealer Romans International

    Romans International Unveils the Ultimate Supercar Twins: Enzo Ferrari and Maserati MC12!

    Get ready to feast your eyes on the most incredible supercars from the 2000s! Romans International, the leading luxury car dealership, is proud to announce the sale of two iconic twins that have left car enthusiasts all over the world in awe. Brace yourselves for the legendary Enzo Ferrari and the remarkable Maserati MC12!

    The Enzo Ferrari and Maserati MC12, both originating from a prestigious UK collection, are not just ordinary supercars. These magnificent vehicles are regarded as twins due to their captivating connection from the moment they were conceived. Now, Romans International is offering enthusiasts a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to own these automotive masterpieces.

    What sets these supercars apart is not just their breathtaking aesthetics, but also their impeccable condition. Romans International guarantees that both the Enzo Ferrari and Maserati MC12 are in “as-new” condition, with only delivery mileage. It’s truly a collector’s dream come true. And if that isn’t enough to make your heart race, these supercars have nearly doubled in value over the past five years. Talk about a fantastic investment opportunity!

    Let’s dive into the mesmerizing details that make these twins so special. The Maserati MC12, designed to mark Maserati’s triumphant return to racing after a 37-year hiatus, is an exceedingly rare gem. Limited to just 50 road-legal units, it holds an exclusive status unparalleled in the automotive world. Interestingly, the MC12 shares many of its components with the Enzo Ferrari, further emphasizing their unique bond.

    Underneath the MC12’s redesigned carbon-fiber bodywork lies the heart of a beast. Its Enzo-derived F140B V12 engine combined with the groundbreaking “F1 gearbox” creates an unmatched driving experience. Not only does the MC12 possess remarkable performance capabilities, but it also boasts an aesthetic appeal that turns heads wherever it goes. With its sleek and aerodynamic design, meticulously honed in wind tunnels, the MC12 showcases the pinnacle of automotive engineering.

    Now, let’s shift our focus to the iconic Enzo Ferrari, a true testament to early 21st-century automotive design and engineering. Named after the legendary founder of the Ferrari marque, this supercar exudes pure elegance and power. With each detail meticulously crafted, the Enzo Ferrari stands as a timeless masterpiece. Carrying the DNA of Formula 1 champion Michael Schumacher, its newly minted 6.0L V12 engine accelerates from 0-60mph in a mind-blowing 3.1 seconds.

    Produced in an extremely limited quantity of only 400 units, the Enzo Ferrari is a rare gem coveted by enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. Its exclusivity is further highlighted by a special edition created specifically for Pope John Paul II. As Romans International puts it, “These two automotive masterpieces share more than just a familial bond under the Fiat umbrella. They represent a rare convergence of racing heritage, engineering excellence, and aesthetic allure.”

    Director Tom Jaconelli of Romans International adds, “The sale of these cars is not merely a transaction but the next evolution of their journey as historically important collectible cars. Whether for the discerning enthusiast or the visionary investor, the Maserati MC12 and Ferrari Enzo are not merely cars, but artistry and history on wheels, each bearing the legacy and the pinnacle of contemporary technology of two of the most emotive automotive brands in the world.”

    Curious about the price tag attached to these automotive legends? Well, you’ll have to inquire as the prices are available upon application. However, it’s safe to assume that owning these twins comes with a hefty, but undoubtedly worthwhile, investment.

    In addition to their impeccable collection, Romans International is a front-runner in the automotive industry. Their exceptional services have earned them a well-deserved spot as finalists in three categories of this year’s Car Dealer Used Car Awards: Specialist Used Car Dealership, Social Media User, and Use of Video. Romans International consistently pushes the boundaries of excellence in the luxury car market, providing enthusiasts with extraordinary experiences.

    So, if you’re an automotive connoisseur searching for the ultimate thrill on wheels, look no further than the Enzo Ferrari and Maserati MC12. Romans International invites you to embark on an exhilarating journey that transcends boundaries and immerses you in the epitome of automotive excellence.

    Don’t let this remarkable opportunity pass you by! Discover the twin supercars that have changed the game and witness firsthand the fusion of history, artistry, and cutting-edge technology. Contact Romans International today and embrace the extraordinary. Your dreams of owning automotive legends are just a click away.

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