Car Dealerships Call on President Biden to Slow Down the Adoption of EVs

    In a stunning display of unity, thousands of dealerships nationwide have joined forces to express their concerns about proposed federal regulations that could hasten the transition to battery-electric vehicles. The plea, extensively addressed to President Joe Biden, implores a reconsideration of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) contentious proposal. This plan aims for a whopping 60 percent of new-vehicle sales to be battery-powered by the 2030 model year, with an even higher target of 67 percent by 2032.

    The dealerships, representing a diverse range of car brands and spanning states such as California, Michigan, Colorado, and New York, have come together to advocate for a more measured approach to the electric vehicle (EV) transition. They argue that the proposed regulations are exceeding consumer readiness for fully electric vehicles.

    Among the key concerns highlighted in the letter is the current lack of infrastructure support for potential EV adopters. The dealerships stress that reliable charging networks, vehicle affordability, and ongoing “range anxiety” remain significant barriers to widespread electric vehicle adoption. While legislative efforts like the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act of 2021 and the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 have allocated substantial federal funding for a national EV charging network and other challenges, the dealerships contend that more time is necessary to fully address these concerns.

    The letter from the dealerships emphasizes that rushing the transition to electric vehicles is not in the best interest of consumers. They argue that additional time is needed for advancements in battery technology, increased affordability of EVs, and expanded charging infrastructure. Spearheaded by Mickey Anderson, CEO of Baxter Auto Group, the letter sheds light on the absence of the consumer’s voice in the ongoing EV transition discourse.

    Anderson asserts that the issue has become overly politicized and emphasizes that it is not a matter of red or blue states, nor is it a pro-BEV or pro-oil debate. Instead, the focus should be on the American consumer. With this in mind, Anderson initiated the process of collecting signatures in early November, aiming to ensure that the opinions and concerns of dealers and customers are given due consideration in policy discussions.

    The full list of dealerships that have endorsed this letter can be found at the source link below.

    As the automotive industry navigates the path towards electrification, it is clear that there are differing opinions on the timeline and approach. While some dealerships and industry players are eager to embrace the shift to electric vehicles, others argue that a more measured and consumer-centered approach is necessary. As the electric revolution continues to unfold, it is crucial to find a balance that addresses the concerns of all stakeholders, ensures consumer readiness, and ultimately results in a sustainable and successful transition to electric transportation.

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