Car Design Discussed by Founder of Hardline27, Sasha Selipanov, Former Designer for Koenigsegg and Genesis

    Sasha Selipanov, a renowned automotive designer who has worked for prestigious companies like Genesis, Lamborghini, Bugatti, and Koenigsegg, has recently launched his own design firm called Hardline27. With this venture, Selipanov aims to revolutionize the approach to automotive design through the use of digital technology and a holistic approach. He believes that Hardline27 can make an impact not only in the automotive industry but also in other sectors.

    In an interview with Carscoops, Selipanov discusses his goals, the design industry as a whole, and the myth that beauty is subjective. He explains that starting his own business has always been a dream of his, and after gaining valuable experience working for various car companies, he felt it was the right time to take the leap. Selipanov emphasizes that Hardline27 is not just about his name, but about creating a shared ownership where everyone in the team feels motivated and inspired.

    When asked about the challenges of running a design firm compared to working for an OEM, Selipanov highlights the rewarding aspect of working with different clients who have their own values and belief systems. He mentions the importance of separating projects and maintaining distinct work environments to avoid mixing things up between different briefs. Selipanov believes in bringing a holistic approach to design, focusing not only on the product but also on the entire world within which it is meant to exist.

    Although known for his work in sports cars, Selipanov expresses his interest in branching out to other industries. He believes that the principles of lightweight design, form following function, and designing to performance targets are relevant in various sectors. He assures that Hardline27 is open to working on projects beyond the realm of sports cars, including minivans and household appliances.

    Selipanov also touches upon the topic of infusing passion into the electric vehicle (EV) experience. While he does not reveal any specific details at this stage, he expresses his concern about the sterilization of the EV user experience and the excessive use of touch-sensitive screens. He believes there is a need to bring back tactile and haptic elements to create a more engaging and enjoyable EV experience.

    In conclusion, Selipanov’s interview sheds light on his journey as a designer and the vision behind Hardline27. He aims to challenge the traditional approach to automotive design and expand the horizons of his firm by embracing a holistic approach across different industries. Selipanov’s passion for design and his belief in pushing boundaries make Hardline27 an exciting venture to watch out for.

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