Home Auto Tech Car News: Advanced Electric Car Smart Chargers Offer EV Owners a Chance to Monetize their Vehicles

Car News: Advanced Electric Car Smart Chargers Offer EV Owners a Chance to Monetize their Vehicles

Car News: Advanced Electric Car Smart Chargers Offer EV Owners a Chance to Monetize their Vehicles

Battery Charging Authority Ctek: Revolutionizing Electric Vehicle Charging Technology

Battery charging authority Ctek is taking the electric vehicle (EV) charging industry by storm with its latest advancements in smart chargers. These innovative technologies aim to make EV charging on the go faster and more convenient, while also providing financial benefits to owners who charge their vehicles at home. Ctek is transitioning into a tech company, focusing on data and information-based technologies that empower EV drivers.

Ctek’s product lineup, including Chargestorm and Nanogrid, showcases the company’s commitment to developing cutting-edge EV charging solutions. With a solid foundation in place, Ctek is now poised to become a leader in the industry by offering intelligent chargers that leverage the latest technology advancements. These chargers will eliminate the need for smartphone applications or credit card taps, making the charging experience even more seamless for users.

One of Ctek’s upcoming products, Chargestorm Connected 3, is set to be launched in early 2024. This next-generation charger boasts a range of innovative features, including the Plug & Charge system, which eliminates the need for app-based identification and payment. Stefan Gabrielsson, Ctek Energy and Facilities Product Manager, acknowledges that the communication protocol used in the Chargestorm Connected 3 is far more advanced than current standards. This new protocol allows the vehicle to identify itself, enabling a convenient and hassle-free charging experience.

Apart from simplifying public charging processes, the Chargestorm Connected 3 also offers advantages for home and private installations. By leveraging the new communications protocol, Ctek chargers can tap into the national power grid and use EVs and their batteries as components of the larger power network. This capability allows owners to either draw power from or deposit energy back into the system. During high-demand periods or power outages, EV owners can utilize their vehicles to support the grid, thereby optimizing their energy consumption and potentially selling power back to providers.

Gabrielsson highlights the financial benefits of this vehicle-to-home functionality, explaining that owners can sell excess power capacity to distribution system operators, earning a significant amount of money. While vehicle-to-grid services are not yet widely available, Ctek’s hardware is designed to support this connection, and several manufacturers, such as Volvo and Polestar, are actively engaged in trials and research to develop compatible vehicle systems.

While Ctek’s advancements in power-sharing and smart charging are making waves internationally, Australia may have to wait for these technologies to be introduced. Gabrielsson believes that Australia’s market is ideal for the adoption of Ctek’s advanced charging networks. However, regulatory processes must be completed in other pressing markets before expanding to Australia. Despite this, Ctek remains committed to providing its innovative products to the Australian market, anticipating the need to obtain local certifications.

In conclusion, Ctek is revolutionizing the EV charging industry with its range of smart chargers that offer faster and more convenient charging experiences. By focusing on data and information-based technologies, Ctek empowers EV drivers and simplifies the charging process. With the upcoming launch of the Chargestorm Connected 3, Ctek introduces the most intelligent charger yet, utilizing advanced communication protocols. Moreover, the vehicle-to-home functionality allows owners to optimize their energy usage and potentially earn money by selling excess power capacity. Although these advancements are not yet available in Australia, Ctek remains committed to expanding its presence once regulatory processes are completed. The future of EV charging looks brighter than ever, thanks to Ctek’s relentless pursuit of innovation and customer satisfaction.


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