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    Jaguar TCS Racing Team Principal James Barclay Makes Bold Statement About Team’s Championship Aspirations

    In a surprising turn of events, Jaguar TCS Racing Team Principal James Barclay has revealed that the recent signing of Nick Cassidy has put the team in a strong position to achieve their ultimate goal of winning the Formula E Constructors’ Championship. This announcement comes after the Coventry-based outfit narrowly missed out on the season nine crown to their customer side, Envision Racing.

    Cassidy, who has made the switch from Envision Racing to Jaguar, will join forces with long-time friend Mitch Evans to form an all-Kiwi partnership. Both drivers showcased exceptional performances in season nine, with Cassidy and Evans finishing second and third in the Drivers’ Championship, respectively. With such a strong driver pairing, Jaguar undoubtedly possesses the most formidable lineup for the upcoming season.

    Notably, Jaguar is the only team on the grid that has two drivers who finished in the top five of the 2022/23 standings. This places them as clear favorites for the Constructors’ Championship in season 10. However, it is crucial to consider the missed opportunities that could have secured the title for Jaguar in the previous season.

    Collisions between Sam Bird, who Cassidy replaces, and Evans in Hyderabad and Jakarta ultimately impacted Jaguar’s chances of claiming the championship. In Formula E, success is often determined by the smallest of margins. Nevertheless, Jaguar has taken precautions for the new season, ensuring they have two powerhouse drivers who can support each other in case of any setbacks.

    It is important to note that the admiration for Bird as one of the quickest drivers on the grid remains unchanged. However, his peak performance has been a rarity in recent seasons, prompting the team to make a change. With Cassidy’s addition, the team hopes to dominate the upcoming season and replicate the success of Red Bull Racing in Formula One.

    As Jaguar enters season 10 with high expectations, they shoulder a significant amount of pressure. With both Cassidy and Evans regarded as leaders, there is no clear number one or number two driver. Consequently, there is a possibility that both drivers could be fighting for the Drivers’ Championship. While this makes for an exciting prospect, it also necessitates careful management to avoid any internal conflicts that could jeopardize the team’s pursuit of glory.

    History has shown that friendships can quickly deteriorate when battling for a title, as seen between Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg at Mercedes. The key for Jaguar will be to manage their driver pairing effectively. If successful, the signing of Cassidy will undoubtedly be celebrated as a genius move. However, if a feud or rivalry emerges, Jaguar could find themselves being their own worst enemy.

    All will be revealed when the racing action kicks off in January in Mexico City. Until then, Barclay remains confident in Cassidy’s ability to support the team’s title ambitions. This sentiment was echoed during Jaguar’s launch of their season 10 livery.

    Barclay expressed the team’s motivation and readiness to compete in the 2024 ABB FIA Formula E World Championship. Acknowledging the intense competition in the previous season, Barclay commended the team’s performance and their continued progress over the years. With the addition of Tokyo as a new race on the Formula E calendar, Barclay eagerly anticipates the new challenges and hopes to see Japanese fans embracing the electric racing championship.

    As the countdown to season 10 begins, Jaguar TCS Racing remains determined to secure the long-awaited World Championship. With an impressive driver lineup and ambitions set high, all eyes will be on Jaguar as they aim to reach new heights in the world of Formula E.

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