Changing Camera View: A Step-by-Step Guide

    How to Swiftly Change Camera View in Forza Motorsport

    Forza Motorsport has become a favorite among players, thanks to its stunning graphics and realistic driving experiences. With the latest installment of the game on Xbox Series X|S and PC, players now have access to all-new camera settings. These settings provide players with the flexibility to customize their field of view (FOV) for both first-person and third-person chase cameras. The customizable range for FOV values is between 25 to 65 degrees.

    Choosing the right camera view in Forza Motorsport is a matter of personal preference, as it can greatly impact the overall gaming experience. Some players prefer the immersion of the in-car views such as the cockpit and driver camera. On the other hand, some players may opt for external views like the hood, chase near, or chase far camera to get a clearer view of the track and other vehicles. Regardless of personal preference, changing the camera view in Forza Motorsport is easy.

    To change the camera view, follow these steps:

    1. Navigate to the “Settings” via the Main Menu.
    2. In the Settings menu, go to the “Gameplay & HUD” tab.
    3. Scroll down to find the “Camera” section.

    In this Camera section, players can adjust the Camera View and customize the Field of View (FOV) according to their preferences.

    During a race, players can switch the camera angle by pressing the Switch Camera Button. On Xbox consoles, this can be done by pressing the Right Bumper (RB) on the controller. PC players, on the other hand, can change the camera angle by pressing the Tab button on their keyboards. This feature allows players to cycle through the various FOV options available in Forza Motorsport and select the one that suits their needs best.

    Field of View (FOV) Options in Forza Motorsport

    Forza Motorsport offers various Field of View (FOV) settings that players can choose from to alter their perspective and race view. These options include:

    1. Bumper Camera FOV: This camera is positioned near or on the front bumper of the car, providing a low perspective and making players feel close to the ground and action.
    2. Cockpit Camera FOV: This camera simulates the driver’s perspective from inside the car’s cockpit. It offers a realistic view of the dashboard, steering wheel, and the road ahead.
    3. Driver Camera FOV: Similar to the cockpit camera, the Driver camera provides an in-car perspective, offering an immersive view from the driver’s seat. The specific view may vary depending on the car’s interior design.
    4. Hood Camera FOV: This camera is placed near or on the car’s hood, facing forward. It provides a clear view of the road ahead.
    5. Chase Near Camera FOV: It offers an external view by positioning the camera relatively close to the rear of the car. This perspective gives a good sense of the car’s position in relation to the track and other vehicles.
    6. Chase Far Camera FOV: This option also provides an external perspective but places the camera farther away from the car. It offers a wider view of the track and surroundings, which can be helpful for anticipating turns.

    Forza Motorsport is now available on PC and Xbox Series X/S. Players can enjoy the game while customizing their camera views to enhance their racing experience.

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