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    Title: Uncover Unbelievable Auction Gems – Everything You Need to Know

    Welcome to the world of exciting auctions, where hidden treasures and unique items await! In this article, we’ll dive into the details of an upcoming auction organized by Frio and Stack Auction Service. Get ready to be amazed as we unveil a plethora of extraordinary finds waiting to be owned. From paddle boats and spa chairs to police cars and vintage trucks, this auction has something for everyone. So, put on your bidding hat and join us as we embark on a thrilling auction adventure.

    Unveiling Extraordinary Items:
    Have you ever dreamt of owning a paddle boat once used in Oglebay Park? How about a salt spreader employed by the city of Wheeling? Or perhaps a police car or a Ford Explorer from the Ohio County Sheriff’s Department catches your fancy? Well, now’s your chance to bid on these remarkable items and more at the upcoming auction.

    Taking Place:
    Mark your calendars for this Saturday at 10 a.m. as the auction kicks off at the City Operations Center, located at 10 Hunter Ave. in Wheeling’s Clator section. If you can’t make it in person, fret not! Many items will also be available for online bidding at Additionally, absentee bids can be submitted by calling Frio and Stack at 304-233-3168.

    An Unconventional Auction:
    Unlike previous years, this year’s auction includes items from the Wheeling Park Commission and Oglebay Park, opening the doors to unique opportunities. Prepare to be amazed by a varied selection of items waiting for the highest bidder.

    Oglebay Park’s Unique Offerings:
    Explore the chance to own a piece of Oglebay Park’s history with paddle boats that once glided through Schenk Lake. The West Spa has contributed three luxurious spa chairs to the auction, adding a touch of fabulous relaxation to your life. Additionally, large concrete planters, garbage cans, and two charming outdoor fire pits are also up for grabs.

    Discover Oglebay Park’s Versatility:
    If you’re in need of banquet tables or around 200 metal-padded chairs, Oglebay Park has got you covered. These coveted items are ready to be the talk of your next gathering.

    A Glimpse of Wheeling-Ohio County Airport’s Offering:
    For those intrigued by aviation history, the Wheeling-Ohio County Airport has an impressive item on the auction block – a 1968 International fuel truck with a mere 1,300 miles on its odometer. This rare find, having never left the airport, awaits a new owner who appreciates its uniqueness.

    City of Wheeling’s Hidden Gems:
    The city of Wheeling has also contributed its fair share of exciting items to the auction. Among them is a 2010 Ford Explorer previously used by the maintenance department, boasting over 200,000 well-maintained miles. Anthony Peace, the vehicle maintenance superintendent, vouches for its reliability. Moreover, the auction will showcase numerous vehicles used by the city and Ohio County agencies, each meticulously maintained at the City Operations Center.

    More Than Just Vehicles:
    Prepare to be astounded by the diverse range of items from the city of Wheeling. Alongside the vehicles, there will be a selection of equipment, including a brake lathe, hydraulic airlift, and an Alamo Flail mower, notorious for devouring small trees. A Bobcat, snow plow, salt spreader, sewer truck, street sweeper, and a large diesel generator from the Warwood Water Plant will also be up for auction. The powerhouse diesel generator has the capacity to sustain an entire household!

    Excitement and Surprises:
    While not all auction items will be available for preview at the City Operations Center until Saturday, rest assured that this liveliest of auctions conducted by Frio and Stack will be an unforgettable experience. With most sales happening online nowadays, this live auction allows prospective buyers to see and touch the items they desire, creating a personal connection.

    Expanding Auction Horizons:
    Frio optimistically predicts an increase in the number of items added to the auction list before Saturday arrives, ensuring an even wider range of options for eager bidders. As a seasoned auctioneer with four decades of experience, Frio is well aware that surprises are always in store, making this auction a must-attend event for savvy buyers.

    Uncover Your Own Auction Gems:
    Join us at the City Operations Center this Saturday, and be prepared to unlock the door to your next prized possession. Delve into the world of auctions, where hidden treasures and unique finds await the highest bidder. Don’t miss out on the chance to own a piece of history, as the Frio and Stack Auction Service sets the stage for a truly remarkable auction experience.

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