Home Travel & Road Trips Closure of CO 239 in Northeast Trinidad: An update from the Colorado Department of Transportation

Closure of CO 239 in Northeast Trinidad: An update from the Colorado Department of Transportation

Closure of CO 239 in Northeast Trinidad: An update from the Colorado Department of Transportation

Trinidad Bridge Replacement: Detour Routes and Travel Impacts Revealed

A major infrastructure project is set to disrupt travelers in Las Animas County, near Trinidad. The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has announced plans to replace a bridge on CO 239, necessitating a full closure of the road for five days. Commencing on Monday, October 30, the closure aims to facilitate the removal of the current bridge, installation of a new concrete box culvert, and paving of the roadway at the worksite. The CDOT expects the bridge removal, culvert installation, and paving operations to be completed by Friday, November 3.

Travelers in the area should bear in mind the following travel impacts:

1. CO 239 Closure: From Monday, October 30 to Friday, November 3, CO 239 will be fully closed at Mile Point 1.68. Motorists should seek alternative routes during this period.

2. Local Detour Routes: Local residents will be directed to use El Moro Road as a detour, connecting to Interstate 25 and County Road 75.1 via County Road 32, ultimately leading to US Highway 160. Motorists are urged to follow the detour signage and adhere to speed reductions and any overweight/oversized restrictions. Caution must be exercised while passing through the designated work zones, as workers, flaggers, and heavy equipment will be present.

The CDOT advises travelers to plan ahead by consulting weather forecasts, staying updated on travel impacts and current road conditions. Valuable resources provided by the CDOT include:

1. COtrip App: The newly introduced COtrip Planner mobile app offers real-time traffic information to assist travelers in planning their journey. Available for free on iOS and Android devices, the app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

In order to ensure safety within maintenance and construction work zones, the CDOT emphasizes the importance of following these guidelines:

1. Observe the Speed Limit: Adhere to the posted speed limits in work zones.

2. Stay Alert: Be prepared for unexpected situations while driving through work zones.

3. Watch for Workers: Exercise caution and be aware of maintenance workers in the vicinity.

4. Lane Changes: Avoid unnecessary lane changes while passing through work zones.

5. No Mobile Device Usage: Refrain from using mobile devices, such as phones, while driving in work zones.

6. Visibility: Turn on your vehicle’s headlights to enhance visibility for workers and fellow drivers.

7. Nighttime Awareness: Exercise heightened awareness when driving through work zones at night.

8. Expect Delays: Prepare for potential delays, particularly during peak travel times.

9. Maintain Distance: Keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you.

10. Merge with Caution: Anticipate lane shifts and follow instructions for merging.

11. Patience is Key: Remain patient and prioritize safety while traveling through work zones.

As this bridge replacement project near Trinidad threatens to disrupt local and through traffic, it is essential for motorists to stay informed, follow detour instructions, and exercise caution during their journeys. By planning ahead and being mindful of safety protocols, travelers can help ensure smooth and incident-free drives through the affected area.


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