‘Complaint’: Klimenko Raises Concerns Regarding Supercars Rule Change

    Erebus Motorsport Owner Betty Klimenko Left Furious and Confused by Supercars’ Decision to Implement ‘Live Pitlane’ in 2024

    Erebus Motorsport owner Betty Klimenko is expressing her frustration and confusion over Supercars’ recent announcement to adopt a ‘live pitlane’ format for the 2024 season. This decision has left Klimenko furious, especially since it was announced just days before the Adelaide 500.

    Traditionally, the pitlane garage order has been determined based on the previous year’s teams’ championship results, with the champion team securing the coveted first garages. However, the new format will see the garage order change for every event based on the rolling points score throughout the season.

    Erebus is in a prime position to clinch the 2023 teams’ title at the upcoming Adelaide 500, which would break Triple Eight and DJR Team Penske’s 13-year stronghold on the championship. But Klimenko is dismayed that this achievement will only guarantee them the first garages for the first round of the following season.

    Klimenko shared her disappointment, stating that she finds it strange that after 15 years, when a privateer team finally has a chance to win a championship, the rules are suddenly changed. She believes that Supercars should have given teams a year to adapt by announcing the introduction of live pitting in 2025.

    “It doesn’t compute with me that they would do it so fast,” Klimenko expressed. She believes that the timing of this rule change seems suspicious, as a non-GM-backed and non-Ford factory-backed team like Erebus has a genuine shot at victory.

    Despite an impressive season for Erebus on the track, Klimenko has had a challenging year personally, with the passing of her brother Mark. She now attends races sporadically but remains critical of the constant rule changes in the category.

    In Klimenko’s view, everything currently feels like a band-aid solution, and she was not a fan of the Gen3 concept as she believes it represents a step backward in her career. She hopes Supercars won’t take the changes further and expressed her preference for returning to the “2s” and enjoying a good time.

    “I’m over it,” Klimenko stated. She perceives the constant changes as a lack of stability and decision-making, comparing it to a child changing their mind every five minutes. Klimenko believes that Supercars is attempting everything to find what works, but this uncertainty does not align with her vision for the sport.

    As for the Gala Awards ceremony that will take place after the Adelaide 500, Klimenko has decided not to attend, regardless of whether Erebus is set to receive significant trophies. She believes that the trophy itself is just a piece of metal shaped into a trophy, and attending galas and charity balls holds no appeal to her anymore.

    “If we are to win it and Brodie (Kostecki) goes over that line and I know we’ve won, I’ll celebrate with these guys (the team) and I’ll be proud of myself,” Klimenko declared, emphasizing her focus on the team’s achievements rather than the external recognition.

    In conclusion, Klimenko’s frustration and confusion over Supercars’ decision to implement a ‘live pitlane’ for the 2024 season is evident. She questions the timing of the rule change, especially when Erebus Motorsport is on the verge of potentially breaking long-standing dominations by other teams. Despite her disappointment, Klimenko remains proud of the team’s efforts and will continue to support their success regardless of formal award ceremonies.

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