Cyberpunk 2077: Top Tips for Players, Whether New or Returning

    It’s been nearly three years since we first entered Cyberpunk 2077’s Night City, and a lot has changed. CD Projekt Red has made significant updates and improvements, shaping Night City into what it is today. The recent free Cyberpunk 2.0 patch and $30 Phantom Liberty expansion mark the biggest overhaul yet. If you haven’t played in a while, here’s a refresher on the game’s mechanics and some of the best features to catch up on.

    Fast Travel
    Night City and its surrounding regions are vast, but don’t forget about the fast travel system. You’ll find blue fast-travel nodes on your map, scattered throughout the city. To use fast travel, you need to interact with terminals located at the nodes. This will open your map and allow you to select your desired destination. If you want to visit V’s apartment, head to Megabuilding H10 Atrium in Watson.

    Character and Perk Trees
    The skill trees in Cyberpunk 2.0 have been completely reworked. You earn attribute points by leveling up, which can be spent on five different categories: Intelligence, Technical Ability, Reflex, Cool, and Body. Each attribute has its own perk tree, which helps build your character. Additionally, there is a Relic tree introduced in the Phantom Liberty expansion. Skill progression is based on actions and comes with passive buffs.

    Cyberware is your character’s internal gear, with each component being a different part installed by a Ripperdoc. There are ten categories of Cyberware that affect your character differently. Choose your Cyberware based on the build you want to specialize in. Seeking out a Ripperdoc in Night City is crucial for acquiring and installing Cyberware.

    What to Sell
    To make money, sell weapons and items you don’t need at Drop Points. Basic weapons usually sell for around $2,000 credits. Consider selling alcohol since consuming it can give you debuffs. Focus on selling weapon and clothing loot as they provide the best payouts.

    How to Get Ammo
    Enemies in Cyberpunk 2077 don’t drop their ammo, but there are three ways to acquire it. Look for ammo crates during fights, craft it using crafting components, or buy it from weapons vendors.

    Shards are items that provide various upgrades to your character. They come in the form of credit shards, Cyberware capacity shards, and carry capacity shards. Shards automatically apply to your inventory and stats when collected.

    Hacking or Breach Protocol Explained
    Hacking in Cyberpunk 2077 involves solving a minigame with columns and rows of numbers. Review the mechanics of hacking to refresh your memory.

    Where to Get Vehicles and How to Summon Them
    Purchasing vehicles is necessary to add them to your collection. Use the autofixer terminal to buy cars. Weaponized vehicles are also available after completing vehicle delivery missions for El Capitan.

    Inventory Management
    2.0 update simplified inventory management. Different tabs allow you to manage weapons, clothing, Cyberware, quick access items, backpack, crafting, and stats. Quick Access tab allows easy usage of health packs and grenades.

    Crafting can be done at any time in your menu. Collect crafting components or quickhack components to craft items. Crafting vendors provide recipes for both weapons and quickhacks. Upgrading weapons is also possible through the crafting menu.

    Character and Gear Appearance
    You can change your character’s appearance at a Ripperdoc or in your V’s Apartment. The Transmog system allows customization of gear appearance through outfits.

    These are some key points to get you back into the world of Cyberpunk 2077. Explore Night City and enjoy the new updates and improvements. For more information, check out our review of the Phantom Liberty expansion and the Main Quest Walkthrough guide.

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