Home Motorsport D2N Leads to Victory for Erebus Motorsport

D2N Leads to Victory for Erebus Motorsport

D2N Leads to Victory for Erebus Motorsport

Erebus Motorsport: Revolutionizing Motorsport Communication with D2N Technology Solutions

The world of motorsport has always been characterized by its high-speed action and intense competition. Teams constantly strive to gain an edge over their rivals, and one team that has managed to do just that is Erebus Motorsport. Established in 2011 by team owner Betty Klimenko, Erebus Motorsport has quickly risen to prominence in the world of motorsport, thanks in part to their unique technology partnerships, such as the one they enjoy with D2N – Technology Solutions.

Betty Klimenko’s passion for motorsport and her previous accomplishments in GTs both domestically and internationally motivated her to take over a Supercars team and rebrand it as Erebus Motorsport. With the team’s continued success, including pole positions and podium finishes, it is evident that Klimenko’s vision is paying off.

One of the key factors contributing to Erebus Motorsport’s success is their partnership with D2N – Technology Solutions. Initially, Erebus used D2N as a supplier for smaller items like radio adapter looms and rooftop antennas. D2N was one of the few suppliers in Australia producing radio parts specifically designed for motorsport and Supercars. The highly specific radio applications used in Supercars pose challenges in finding suitable suppliers, making D2N’s expertise invaluable to Erebus Motorsport.

Erebus Motorsport’s race engineer, Tom Moore, explained that the decision to upgrade their garage communications system with D2N’s wireless intercom technology was driven by the need for duplex interaction. The ability for engineers, car controllers, and crew members to communicate simultaneously was a crucial requirement for the team. Moore highlighted an incident during a pit stop where the information provided by the engineer needed updating once the pit stop was underway. This highlighted the limitations of standard digital RF radios, which made it virtually impossible to communicate changes after the car controller had initiated the pit stop. To ensure they could achieve optimal results at all times, Erebus Motorsport realized the need to invest in the latest communication technology, specifically D2N’s wireless intercom system.

D2N supplied Erebus Motorsport with a range of cutting-edge equipment, including the Riedel Bolero standalone belt pack system. This system consisted of 15 belt packs, three charging bays, one Network Stream Adapter (NSA), and two Bolero antennas. Additionally, D2N custom-built Riedel MAX headsets for Erebus Motorsport, catering to the team’s specific requirements.

Moore praised the equipment supplied by D2N, stating that it perfectly fulfilled their needs and was utilized regularly by the team. The wireless intercom system allowed seamless communication throughout the garage, enabling multiple individuals and groups to communicate concurrently and hands-free. Moore emphasized the significant improvement in audio quality when compared to standard RF radios, which greatly impressed the pit crew. The superior audio quality offered by D2N’s intercom system revolutionized communication within the garage.

The benefits of D2N’s wireless intercom system extended beyond audio quality. The system allowed for the integration of radio transmissions from the cars into the Bolero network, making them accessible to all team members. Race engineers could communicate with their respective car crews using the Bolero belt pack system, facilitating efficient communication during races and pit stops. The car controller utilized their belt pack to communicate with the entire crew, drivers, race engineers, data engineers, team principals, and crew members, all simultaneously. This seamless communication became a game-changer for Erebus Motorsport, ensuring they could operate with Formula 1-level radio communications within their garage.

Erebus Motorsport recognized that to compete at the pinnacle of the sport, they needed top-of-the-line equipment and support. D2N’s wireless intercom system provided the team with the cutting-edge technology required to excel. The team greatly appreciated D2N’s support packages, which allowed them to maximize the potential of the equipment. D2N consistently went above and beyond to assist Erebus Motorsport, providing advice, visiting the team workshop before events, and even offering last-minute installations at the circuit. Their dedication to ensuring Erebus Motorsport’s success and delivering unparalleled communication solutions made them an invaluable partner to the team.

With their partnership with D2N – Technology Solutions, Erebus Motorsport has not only transformed their communication capabilities but also elevated their performance on the track. The Bolero belt pack system, at the forefront of wireless intercom technology, has propelled the team to new heights. Erebus Motorsport’s success serves as a testament to the importance of having top-tier equipment and partnering with companies like D2N who provide exceptional solutions.

As Erebus Motorsport continues to dominate the world of motorsport, their innovative adoption of D2N’s wireless intercom system sets the benchmark for communication in the industry. The team’s commitment to excellence and their pursuit of the latest technological advancements affirm their position as a force to be reckoned with on the track.

In the fast-paced world of motorsport, every second counts. With D2N – Technology Solutions by their side, Erebus Motorsport has equipped themselves with the tools necessary to achieve success. By embracing innovation and partnering with leaders in communication technology, the team has solidified their position as a dominant force in the sport. As they push the boundaries of what is possible, Erebus Motorsport and D2N are redefining what it means to communicate and collaborate in motorsport.


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