Defrosting Your Car: Handy Tips and Tricks for the Holiday Season

    Defrost Your Car Like a Pro: 11 Tips and Tricks for a Hassle-Free Winter

    SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — If you live in New York, you probably dread one thing the most in the winter… defrosting your car.

    Defrosting your car after an icy frost or snow can be a hassle in the morning, especially if you didn’t expect it. Thankfully, there are some tips and tricks that can save you time and effort cleaning off your car this Holiday season.

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    If you’re on a budget, there are a few helpful household items that can help you quickly defrost your car. However, if you’re willing to spend some money on car defrosting tools, then here are some that will help defrost your car easier and fast.

    Here are 11 tips and tricks from Google and Amazon to defrost your car this Winter

    Heat up your car 10 minutes before you have to leave
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    This hack is a no brainer, but a lot of people forget that heating up your car will only make the ice and snow easier to scrap off. Not only will heating up your car prior to brushing off snow make cleaning your car faster, but it also helps defrost and clear your windshield from the inside.

    Park your car facing towards the sunrise
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    If you leave later in the day after sunrise, it’s best to park your car facing the sun. This is best for those who want to spend a few extra minutes in bed. According to tips on Google, facing your car towards the sun will help the not-so-early risers with having to clear their car less than someone who leaves at the crack of dawn. The sun will naturally help melt the snow and ice off your car easily.

    Spray vinegar on your windshield the night before
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    This is a household hack if you don’t have any de-icer spray as it does the same and is less expensive. According to tips on Google, vinegar can be used as a de-icer because its freezing point is lower than water which means the ice won’t form as easily because water can’t settle and freeze on top of the vinegar. Before going to sleep for the night, go out to your car and spray a mixture of vinegar and water onto your car’s windshield and wake up to a not so icy windshield!

    Rub an onion on top of your windshield
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    Similar to spraying vinegar, using an onion will also help with ice not being able to form on your windshield in the chilly months. According to tips on Google, using an onion or even a potato on top of your windshield the night before a winter snow or frost can help clear your windshield of snow or ice. All you have to do is cut the onion in half, rub all over windows and windshield and then wake up in the morning to a clean car, minus the smell.

    Buy a sturdy and extendable car brush
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    Using a car brush with an ice scraper and a brush will help you clean your car so much easier than trying to push snow off with some gloves. According to tips on Amazon, don’t go buying any snow scraper and brush, make sure it has good reviews and that it won’t break as you need it to last all winter long! Amazon has a good selection of options and this one has both a brush, scraper and a retractable body that also has great reviews.

    Buy some de-icer windshield washer fluid
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    In the wintertime, it’s best to switch out your old regular windshield washer fluid with one that has de-icer in it! According to tips on Amazon, this windshield fluid from rain-x removes light ice and snow and helps repel road spray as well. Driving on the highway while there’s snow on the ground can be annoying as other drivers might not clean the top of their cars and that snow can blow onto yours. Luckily with this windshield washer fluid you won’t be bothered by that as it helps clear the snow and dirt fast.

    Buy some windshield de-icer spray
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    If you need something quick and fast to melt some light ice and snow off your windshield this product is the tool for you. According to tips on Amazon, this windshield de-icer spray helps easily clear light snow and ice off not only your windshield but doors, handles, windshield wipers, latches and more. This one from Amazon has great reviews and is relatively cheap.

    Buy a windscreen cover
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    This product will not only save you effort but lots of time as you don’t even have to do any scrubbing, scratching or wiping. According to tips on Amazon, a windshield cover for your car and mirrors in the winter is the best invention ever. It totally covers your windshield from ice and snow as well as your mirrors, the essentials. All you have to do in the morning is peel it off your windshield and voila, you have a spotless windshield ready. This one from Amazon has great reviews and is a good price.

    Buy a microfiber car window cleaning tool
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    Sometimes not only the outside of your car needs cleaning in the winter. According to tips on Amazon, this tool is great for cleaning the inside of your windshield as they can get dirty in the winter and take a while to condensate as your car heats up. This tool easily cleans the inside windshield in under a minute and is very gentle on your car as well. This one from Amazon has great reviews and is on sale now!

    Buy a dashboard car heater
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    Lastly, if you ever have trouble with heating your car and defrosting your windshield from the inside, this is the product for you. According to tips on Amazon, this dashboard car heater helps speed up the time to defrost your windshield from the inside and it also helps warm up your car fast. Not only can you use this in the winter but also on foggy days where your windshield seems to fog up fast. This helps prevent that so you can drive safe all Winter long. This one from Amazon has great reviews and is on sale now!

    In conclusion, defrosting your car doesn’t have to be a dreaded task. With these 11 tips and tricks from Google and Amazon, you can make your winter mornings hassle-free and save time and effort in cleaning off your car. Whether it’s heating up your car beforehand, using household items like vinegar or onion, or investing in car defrosting tools, there are plenty of options to choose from. Remember to stay prepared and enjoy a stress-free winter season!

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