Driving Impressions of the 2022 Acura NSX Type S: An Unforgettable Experience

    Miami recently hosted its first-ever Formula 1 Grand Prix, attracting spectators from all over to witness the thrilling race. However, amid the extravagant fanfare of the event, sometimes a little escape is needed. That’s why Senior Editor Jeff Perez and his colleague embarked on a journey to the Florida Everglades with the help of an impressive companion, the 2022 Acura NSX Type S.

    The 2022 Acura NSX Type S is an upgraded version of the standard NSX, boasting several improvements. Its new front and rear fascia enhance its aerodynamics, while larger turbochargers and better tuning of the electric motors provide increased power. Acura has also recalibrated the transmission for quicker shifting and equipped the Type S with more aggressive Pirelli tires. As the NSX enters its final model year, it was the perfect opportunity for a final farewell drive.

    Jeff Perez, the Senior Editor, was particularly excited about the NSX Type S. As someone who has driven the regular NSX and admired it greatly, he was eager to experience the enhanced performance of the Type S model. Joined by Clint, they set off on a mission to find the longest, straightest road where they could fully experience the capabilities of the NSX Type S.

    The stunning appearance of the NSX Type S immediately caught their attention. Its sharper nose, carbon fiber trim pieces, and eye-catching Indy Yellow paint job made it stand out from the crowd. The car exuded a sense of aggression and refinement that delighted both Jeff and Clint.

    Under the hood, the NSX Type S impresses with its increased power output of 600 horsepower and 492 pound-feet of torque. The additional power provided by the upgraded turbochargers and hybrid battery is instantly noticeable. As they accelerated on an empty stretch of US Highway 27, they were amazed by the speed at which the NSX Type S accelerated. It quickly ventured into supercar territory, leaving an indelible impression on both drivers.

    The updated launch control system was another feature they tested on an empty side road. With revs held at a relatively low 2,200 RPM during the launch sequence, the NSX Type S unleashed its power and rocketed to 60 miles per hour in under three seconds. The exhilarating launch experience firmly planted Jeff and Clint into their seatbacks.

    Beyond its impressive performance, the NSX Type S proved to be a comfortable and practical daily sports car. Despite its powerful capabilities, it handled traffic and parking with ease, making it a versatile companion for everyday activities.

    As both Jeff and Clint explored the technical advancements of the NSX Type S, they found themselves extremely satisfied. The refined powertrain, characterized by prominent turbo whooshes and a unique V6 sound, impressed them. The new Pirelli tires provided exceptional grip, elevating the driving experience. The NSX Type S surpassed their expectations in terms of both performance and comfort.

    While the interior of the NSX Type S could have been more distinct from the standard NSX, with only a few Type S logos to differentiate it, the infotainment system felt outdated. However, the inclusion of Apple CarPlay and the fantastic ELS sound system partly compensated for this drawback.

    Throughout its existence, the NSX has been criticized for not matching the sharpness or luxuriousness of other supercars in its class. However, both Jeff and Clint disagreed, appreciating the NSX for its unique qualities. They emphasized that the NSX’s pioneering hybrid technology sets it apart from other high-end sports cars and will be appreciated even more in the future.

    In conclusion, the Acura NSX Type S offers a thrilling driving experience that combines power, refinement, and comfort. Its enhanced performance and attractive aesthetics make it a standout choice among sports cars. If given the opportunity, taking the NSX Type S for a spin should not be missed. It serves as the perfect escape from the excesses of the Miami Grand Prix and offers a moment of pure excitement and enjoyment.

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