DS Automobiles’ Integration of ChatGPT: Unveiling ChatGPT and Its Significance for DS Automobiles

    DS is integrating ChatGPT, a state-of-the-art language model developed by OpenAI, in its vehicles as part of a pilot program. The French car maker will remotely update various DS models to provide the ChatGPT feature and gauge customer interest over the next six months. ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence-based program that can understand and respond to request-based prompts in a conversational style. It can answer questions, hold conversations, translate languages, create or summarize content, and infer sentiment from text. DS aims to enhance its Iris voice control suite with ChatGPT’s capabilities. During a trial run, users found that ChatGPT was capable of narrating stories but struggled with more straightforward tasks. As a machine-learning service, ChatGPT’s accuracy improves over time as it learns from user input. However, it requires a data connection and has certain limitations, such as limited knowledge availability beyond September 2021. DS plans to offer the ChatGPT integration for free initially, with a subscription fee for continued use after three years. The pilot program will involve DS4, DS7, DS3, and DS9 customers in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK, who will be contacted via email to participate. The success of the pilot will be measured through feedback and interaction volume.

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