Easy ways to defrost your car this Holiday season

    Here is a comprehensive guide on how to defrost your car during the winter season. We have compiled 11 tips and tricks from Google and Amazon to make the process easier and faster. These methods range from simple household items to specialized car defrosting tools. Read on to find out how you can save time and effort when clearing off your car this holiday season.

    1. Heat up your car 10 minutes before you have to leave:
    Heating up your car prior to brushing off snow will make the ice and snow easier to scrape off. It also helps defrost and clear your windshield from the inside.

    2. Park your car facing towards the sunrise:
    If you leave later in the day after sunrise, it’s best to park your car facing the sun. The sun will naturally help melt the snow and ice off your car easily.

    3. Spray vinegar on your windshield the night before:
    Vinegar can be used as a de-icer because its freezing point is lower than water. Before going to sleep, spray a mixture of vinegar and water onto your car’s windshield to wake up to a not-so-icy windshield.

    4. Rub an onion on top of your windshield:
    Using an onion on top of your windshield the night before a winter snow or frost can help clear your windshield of snow or ice. Cut the onion in half, rub it all over the windows and windshield, and wake up to a clean car.

    5. Buy a sturdy and extendable car brush:
    Using a car brush with an ice scraper and a brush will help you clean your car much easier than pushing snow off with gloves. Make sure to choose a brush with good reviews and durability.

    6. Buy de-icer windshield washer fluid:
    Switch out your regular windshield washer fluid with one that has de-icer in it. This will help remove light ice and snow and repel road spray.

    7. Buy windshield de-icer spray:
    If you need something quick and fast to melt light ice and snow off your windshield, a windshield de-icer spray is the tool for you. This spray helps clear not only your windshield but also doors, handles, windshield wipers, latches, and more.

    8. Buy a windscreen cover:
    A windscreen cover for your car and mirrors is the best invention for winter. It covers your windshield from ice and snow as well as your mirrors. In the morning, simply peel it off for a spotless windshield.

    9. Buy a microfiber car window cleaning tool:
    Clean the inside of your windshield with a microfiber cleaning tool. This tool easily cleans the inside windshield in under a minute and is gentle on your car.

    10. Buy a dashboard car heater:
    A dashboard car heater helps speed up the defrosting process from the inside and warms up your car quickly. It can be used in both winter and foggy days for improved visibility.

    Follow these tips and tricks to make the process of defrosting your car during the winter season easier and more efficient. Whether you use household items or invest in specialized tools, you’ll be able to clear snow and ice from your car quickly, saving you time and effort. Enjoy a hassle-free winter driving experience with these defrosting methods.

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