Ein Blick auf die zerlegten Teile des Bugatti Bolide im Wert von 4,3 Millionen Dollar

    Introducing the Stripped Bugatti Bolide: A Closer Look at the Hypercar’s Exposed Monocoque

    The Bugatti Bolide is undoubtedly a remarkable machine, with its sleek design and incredible performance capabilities. But have you ever wondered what lies beneath its beautiful exterior? Recently, images of the completely exposed Bolide have surfaced online, revealing a stunning sight that showcases the car’s intricate engineering.

    The Bolide boasts a monocoque, or carbon fiber tub, underneath its exoskeleton. This feature is also present in Bugatti’s other flagship model, the Chiron. However, the Bolide takes it a step further by reducing its weight by 544 kilograms, which accounts for over a quarter of its total weight. This impressive weight reduction was achieved while adhering to the safety requirements set by the FIA, primarily reserved for cars participating in Le Mans races.

    The FIA’s safety requirements ensure optimal roll-over protection, resulting in a more robust structure for the Bolide. Bugatti’s dedication to safety is evident in their meticulous construction of the monocoque, which provides not only an enhanced safety framework but also contributes to better overall balance. By repositioning the driver and passenger, the monocoque achieves a superior equilibrium, while also creating additional space behind the occupants. With this extra room, Bugatti was able to shift the engine forward by 6.35 cm (2.5 inches), enhancing the car’s weight distribution even further.

    Speaking of the engine, the Bolide is equipped with an impressive 8.0-liter W16 engine, sporting four turbochargers. The colossal powerplant, situated just ahead of the rear wheels, generates a mind-boggling 1,825 horsepower. Such immense power demands additional safety considerations, making the robust monocoque all the more essential.

    Bugatti prides itself on incorporating these rigorous safety requirements into a shell that reflects the proportions of a catamaran. To showcase their masterpiece, the automaker released a series of photos featuring the carbon-clad chassis on wheels. The stripped-down Bolide takes on a unique appearance, resembling an “exocar” in its raw form.

    With all these incredible features and exquisite design, it’s unfortunate that Bugatti will only produce 40 units of the Bolide. Despite its price tag exceeding $4.3 million per car, all available slots have already been filled, even before the estimated delivery date in 2024.

    In conclusion, the Bugatti Bolide’s exposed monocoque reveals the exceptional engineering and safety measures that went into developing this hypercar. Its stripped-down appearance showcases the meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail that Bugatti is known for. The Bolide is a true masterpiece, combining breathtaking performance with cutting-edge design, making it a highly sought-after and exclusive machine.

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