Home Travel & Road Trips Embark on Intriguing Murder Mysteries with Channel Agatha Christie’s On-Board Train Adventures

Embark on Intriguing Murder Mysteries with Channel Agatha Christie’s On-Board Train Adventures

Embark on Intriguing Murder Mysteries with Channel Agatha Christie’s On-Board Train Adventures

Discover the Thrilling World of Murder Mystery Trains

Agatha Christie, the master of murder mysteries, proved that a simple train can serve as the perfect setting for a thrilling story. Her iconic work, “Murder on the Orient Express,” set the standard for countless books, films, TV shows, and games to come. Despite being published almost 90 years ago, Christie’s cultural impact endures, with recent adaptations continuing to captivate audiences.

While it may not be possible to experience the luxurious grandeur of the original Orient Express, there are inspired imitators across the United States offering their own murder mystery train rides on vintage railways. These trains may not traverse the Swiss Alps, but they provide an immersive experience that Christie herself would be proud of.

One such train is the Grand Bellevue Rail Dining Experience, operated by the Newport and Narragansett Bay Railroad Co. in Portsmouth, RI. Passengers are transported back to the 1920s and 1930s for a murder mystery experience while enjoying a four-course meal accompanied by wine and cocktails. Each ride features different clues and characters, keeping guests engaged throughout the two-and-a-half-hour journey.

In Fort Myers, FL, the Murder Mystery Dinner Train offers an immersive and comical theater performance. Passengers receive clue sheets and playbills and interact with performers dressed in period garb. As the night progresses, more clues are revealed, and guests have the opportunity to make final accusations before the mystery is resolved.

If you find yourself in Bardstown, KY, hop aboard My Old Kentucky Dinner Train for a murder mystery experience set against the scenic backdrop of Kentucky bourbon country. While enjoying a four-course meal, passengers can participate in a live show and try their hand at solving the mystery presented by the troupe Murder and Merriment.

For a decadent murder mystery experience, look no further than the Napa Valley Wine Train in Napa, CA. This train journey through California’s wine country offers five different murder mysteries to choose from, accompanied by three courses of haute cuisine and plenty of Pinot Noir. Passengers receive characters, and as the train rolls along, they must interact with one another to follow clues and ultimately solve the crime.

In Cumberland, MD, the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad takes passengers on a journey through the Allegheny Mountains. While savoring meals prepared by the on-board chef, guests are tasked with solving a murder mystery. The train’s route, passing through picturesque towns, adds to the atmosphere of intrigue.

Another murder mystery train can be found in Ronks, PA, aboard the Strasburg Rail Road. Passengers can enjoy a theatrical performance as the train makes its way through Amish country. Themes change periodically, providing a unique experience with each visit.

Finally, the Murder Mystery Express, operated by the Georgia Coastal Railway in Kingsland, GA, sets the stage for a 1970s-themed murder mystery. As characters and clues pop up throughout the journey, guests are encouraged to dress in period attire and immerse themselves in the thrilling atmosphere.

While these murder mystery trains may not replicate the exact experience of the Orient Express, they offer a taste of the intrigue and excitement that Agatha Christie perfected. Whether you’re a fan of her work or simply enjoy a good mystery, these train rides are sure to transport you to a world of suspense and wonder.


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