Family Ties Examined: Sam Wallace’s Review of the Kia EV9 GT-Line

    The Incredibly Attention-Grabbing Kia EV9: A Futuristic SUV That Leaves a Lasting Impression

    I have never experienced as much attention at my kids’ pickup as when I arrived in the seven-seat Kia EV9 SUV. Even when I picked them up in a borrowed Maserati, it didn’t attract as much curiosity. There is certainly a strong interest and appetite for large fully electric SUVs, and the Kia EV9 delivers exactly that. In fact, it could be considered the first of its kind in the country.

    One of the first things that caught the attention of the inquisitive dads at pickup was the unique design of the Kia EV9. With its large, rounded front and absence of dams, grilles, or intakes, it truly stands out as an electric vehicle. Some commented that it looked like something was missing, but I reminded them of the early days of automobiles when the first cars had horse heads attached to their fronts. It may seem ridiculous now, but holding onto vestigial car parts, such as a grille, can be equally unnecessary.

    The overall consensus among the onlookers was that they liked the look of the Kia EV9. Many even compared it to a Land Rover from the future, which perfectly captures its futuristic essence. One notable feature that stood out was the absence of traditional mirrors. Instead, the Kia EV9 is equipped with cameras that protrude just as far as mirrors would. These cameras display what would usually be seen in a mirror, but they are located 15cm closer to the driver and are shown on monitors inside the car doors.

    As for the interior, digital dominance is evident. The design is sleek and modern, but some might find the abundance of technology overwhelming. However, the tech-savvy nature of the Kia EV9 extends beyond just the interior. Its electric engine gives it a unique advantage. Without the need for a transmission tunnel or bulges, the cabin offers ample space for storage and passengers. My wife, for example, was thrilled to discover the perfect spot between the driver and passengers’ feet to place her handbag.

    Now, let’s talk about performance. While some of the dads eagerly asked if the Kia EV9 was quick, the answer lies in its electric motor. The instant torque of the motor makes the large SUV feel light on its feet, shedding its middle-age spread and effortlessly maneuvering like a sprightly teenager. The silence of the electric engine further enhances the driving experience, offering a serene and enjoyable journey.

    Speaking of technology, the Kia EV9 boasts an array of advanced features. However, they are not all met with equal enthusiasm. The digital camera mirrors, for example, were a hit for me. Their ability to zoom in and out depending on reversing or regular driving situations proved immensely helpful, especially during early morning drives when condensation obscured the traditional mirrors. On the other hand, the artificial sound simulation received mixed reviews. Some appreciated the mellifluous hum, reminiscent of a jet engine in a holding pattern, while others felt it was unnecessary.

    Living with an electric car for an extended period has drastically changed my perception of them. Initially skeptical, I have come to appreciate their benefits. The Kia EV9, with its range of 500km and the convenience of charging at home with our Wallbox charger, presents a strong case for electric SUVs. It seamlessly blends the best aspects of both the Kia Carnival, a spacious diesel people mover, and the Kia EV6, a nippy and eco-friendly electric runaround.

    In terms of practicality, the Kia EV9 impresses. The middle row of seats easily accommodates three booster seats, along with school bags and any other items my kids collect during their adventures. The storage options leave ample space for all our needs. Even my wife, who is accustomed to the Kia Carnival’s sliding doors and generous space, was satisfied with the EV9’s offerings.

    In conclusion, the Kia EV9 GT-LINE stands as an aspirational vehicle, capturing attention wherever it goes. Its futuristic design, advanced technology, and impressive electric performance make it a coveted SUV. As for price, with its affordability (compared to European counterparts) and a price tag of $134,990, it becomes an enticing option for those seeking a fully electric, seven-seat SUV.

    The Kia EV9 represents the evolution of electric vehicles and offers a glimpse into the future of transportation. It combines style, practicality, and sustainable driving into one compelling package. Beyond the desire to make a statement, the Kia EV9 provides a place to stow my wife’s handbag—a small but important victory in the quest for a truly functional family vehicle.

    – Engine: 99kWh battery with dual electric motors
    – Power: 282kW/700Nm
    – Gearbox: Single-speed automatic, RWD
    – 0-100km/h: 6.0 seconds
    – Consumption: 22.8kWh/100km, range 505km (WLTP)
    – Price: $134,990

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