Fast and Efficient Service Provided by New Rideshare Curbs at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

    Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Launches Green Curb Program for Electric Vehicle Rideshares

    Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is introducing its Green Curb program, making it more convenient for passengers to hail rideshares from electric vehicles. The announcement was made by Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego during the 2023 Airports Going Green conference, a sustainability summit for the aviation industry.

    The Green Curb program will provide designated pick-up areas for electric vehicles, featuring unique signage and markings. These areas, identifiable by a green sign with a lightning bolt, are strategically located to offer passengers a more accessible and efficient experience compared to other rideshare pick-up locations.

    Sky Harbor has been actively working on enhancing environmental friendliness and improving the passenger experience. The airport has partnered with Waymo to offer fully electric autonomous rides and with Uber to provide discounted fully electric rides to and from the airport.

    Passengers can already start using the Green Curbs for rideshare pick-ups and drop-offs using electric vehicles. Terminal 3 offers a Green Curb at both the south and north curbs, serving rideshare operators and other ground transport operators, respectively. Terminal 4’s Green Curb is located on the south curb for rideshare operators and the north curb for other ground transport operators.

    In addition to the Green Curb program, rides are available from any rideshare provider that offers electric vehicle programs. Uber’s Uber Green program, launched in June, allows riders to save 40% off the $4.75 surcharge charged by Sky Harbor for Uber pick-ups and drop-offs when using fully electric vehicles. Lyft is also expanding its “Green” mode to connect riders with electric vehicles in more metro areas, aiming to transition to an all-electric fleet by the end of 2030. Phoenix is among the list of markets where Lyft plans to introduce the service in the near future.

    While Waymo’s fleet of all-electric Jaguar I-PACE vehicles currently offers autonomous rideshare services, they are currently limited to travel to and from the 44th Street and 34th Street PHX Sky Train stations. Passengers can then take the free PHX Sky Train to reach the airport terminals. However, if Waymo expands its service to include terminal pick-ups and drop-offs, they will be able to use the Green Curb areas.

    In conclusion, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is taking significant steps to prioritize environmental sustainability by implementing the Green Curb program for electric vehicle rideshares. This initiative aims to improve convenience and accessibility for passengers while encouraging the use of eco-friendly transportation options. With the added partnerships and discounted fares, Sky Harbor is paving the way towards a greener future for airport transportation.

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