Ferrari’s First Electric Vehicle Surpasses Expectations with Significant Progress in Q3

    In the world of supercars, Ferrari is undoubtedly one of the most renowned brands. Fans and enthusiasts have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of a fully electric Ferrari. The good news is that according to CEO Benedetto Vigna, the development of the first Ferrari EV is progressing ahead of schedule.

    In a recent announcement following the automaker’s Q3 earnings, Vigna revealed that Ferrari’s first fully electric model project is going as planned, and in some areas, the company is even ahead of schedule. This means that the eagerly anticipated electric Ferrari could hit the streets sooner than expected.

    Ferrari seems to be making significant progress on the technical front of the project. This could potentially save time as technicians are able to solve any issues that may arise more quickly.

    When questioned about aligning the electric Ferrari’s margins with those of its other models, Vigna stated that the company has made significant progress in optimizing this aspect. This demonstrates Ferrari’s commitment to ensuring that their electric model is not only technologically advanced but also financially viable.

    Vigna emphasized that the development of the electric car is proceeding as planned and that Q3 has marked a major step forward in this process. However, he remained tight-lipped when asked about the battery supply partner, mentioning that the information regarding the supplier is something Ferrari wants to keep within the company.

    Although Ferrari is known for its secrecy, fans can expect the first electric Ferrari to be unveiled in the last quarter of 2025. Additionally, Ferrari has ambitious plans for its electric lineup, aiming for EVs to represent 40% of their range by the end of the decade.

    To support their electric ambitions, Ferrari is in the process of building a new electric supercar factory in Maranello, Italy. This facility will not only manufacture electric motors, inverters, and batteries but also handle the assembly of the EVs and hybrids. The e-factory is expected to be ready for operations by June 2024.

    While the announcement of a fully electric Ferrari is undoubtedly exciting, it’s worth noting that the electric supercar market is becoming increasingly competitive. High-performance EVs like the Rimac Nevera have already made a name for themselves by outperforming iconic models from Bugatti, Lamborghini, and even a Red Bull F1 racing car in drag races. As other brands continue to improve their electric offerings, Ferrari will need to strike a balance between its gas-powered models and the future of electric mobility.

    In conclusion, the highly anticipated fully electric Ferrari is well on its way to becoming a reality. With the progress made thus far, Ferrari seems to be ahead of schedule in the development of its first EV. Fans can look forward to the unveiling of the electric Ferrari in 2025, as the brand aims to solidify its presence in the electric car market.

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