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FIA Immersion Programme’s 3rd Edition: Empowering Future Motorsport Leaders

FIA Immersion Programme’s 3rd Edition: Empowering Future Motorsport Leaders

FIA Immersion Programme’s Third Edition: Empowering Tomorrow’s Motorsport Leaders

The highly anticipated third edition of the FIA Immersion Programme, co-funded by the FIA Foundation, is underway, offering a group of aspiring motorsport leaders from around the world the opportunity to enhance their skills. The nine participants selected for this year’s programme represent a diverse range of countries, including Algeria, Brazil, Hungary, Kenya, Malta, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, the Cayman Islands, and Uruguay. Their common goal is to gain knowledge from FIA experts, which they can then share with their respective Clubs and contribute to a brighter future in the world of motorsport.

The participants arrived in Paris on October 23 for a 10-day educational and personal development journey. At the FIA Headquarters in Place de la Concorde, they immersed themselves in the activities of the FIA Mobility and Communications Teams, gaining insights into the FIA’s role as the global voice of safe, sustainable, and accessible motorsport and mobility worldwide.

Over the next two days, the group will visit the FIA Geneva Headquarters and have the opportunity to meet with FIA CEO Natalie Robyn. They will explore various FIA Departments, including the Secretary General for Sport Office and the People and Culture Department. These experiences will form the basis for their tailored development plans, enabling them to drive positive change in their regions.

The agenda also includes an overview of the new motorsport funding procedures and an analysis of the FIA’s role in social responsibility, with a specific focus on environmental sustainability.

On Day 4, the participants will visit the logistical and technical hub of Valleiry and the FIA Center of Homologation. The highlight of their journey will be their involvement in the Rallye International du Valais on October 26 and 27. Rather than being mere spectators, they will be integral members of the operational team, gaining firsthand experience in running a successful sporting event.

During the second week, the participants will engage with the Sporting and Safety Departments to gain a comprehensive understanding of the technical, safety, and medical aspects related to motorsport. They will also explore the possibility of introducing new disciplines in their home countries. In addition, the Marketing and Events Team will share strategies for strengthening local partnerships.

Expressing his enthusiasm, FIA Vice President for Sport Robert Reid said, “I am excited to welcome the participants of this third edition of the FIA Immersion Programme. This educational journey will undoubtedly provide them with a unique opportunity to uncover the inner workings of the FIA and gain priceless insights into the realm of motorsport.”

The FIA Immersion Programme’s third edition is a testament to the FIA’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of motorsport leaders. As the adventure unfolds, we eagerly await the remarkable stories and achievements that these young enthusiasts will bring to the motorsport stage.

About the Immersion Programme:
The FIA Immersion Programme was launched in October 2022 as part of the FIA’s commitment to promoting an inclusive learning and mentorship culture that inspires and empowers its members.

Participants of the FIA Immersion Programme – Third edition:
– Peris Njeri Kiboi (Kenya Motor Sports Federation, Kenya)
– Raewyn Burke (MotorSport New Zealand, New Zealand)
– Eva Galambosi (National Automobilsport Federation of Hungary, Hungary)
– Mandy Micallef (Malta Motorsport Federation, Malta)
– Jon-Mikol Rankin (Cayman Motoring Federation, Cayman Islands)
– Mattias Lorenzotti (Automovil Club del Uruguay, Uruguay)
– Munira Al Jaber (Saudi Automobile & Motorcycle Federation, Saudi Arabia)
– Sofiane Salhi (Federation Algerienne des Sports Mecaniques, Algeria)
– Renato Correa (Confederacao Brasileira De Automobilismo, Brazil)

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