First Look: 2024 Renault 5 Caught on Camera Sporting Production-Ready Design [UPDATED]

    Renault is bringing back an old favorite with a modern twist – the Renault 5. Discontinued in 1996, the French automaker is reviving the iconic supermini as an all-electric hatchback. The new Renault 5 is set to replace the popular Zoe and has been spotted undergoing testing with its production-ready panels.

    Previously, spy photographers had captured images of the Renault 5 test mule, which was disguised as a modified Clio with a higher ride height. However, the latest spy shots reveal the new prototype, camouflaged but still recognizable from the concept car. It appears to have the final lights and the steel wheels will likely be replaced by more stylish alloys, possibly with aerodynamic panels.

    Compared to the concept unveiled earlier this year, the prototype features larger side mirrors and a shark fin antenna. At the front, Renault has installed a lower air intake incorporating a radar sensor, and the disguise suggests that the prototype will have conventional front door handles, in contrast to the flush door handles on the concept. The rear of the car features cutouts in the bumper that give the illusion of exhaust tips, but they may actually be for red reflectors. The rear glass appears smaller than usual, though this could be due to the bulky camouflage. The production-ready Renault 5 will also have a rear wiper, unlike the concept, which featured prominent vertical taillights and an LED light bar with an illuminated diamond logo.

    Unfortunately, the spy shots do not provide a glimpse of the interior. However, from what can be seen, it seems that the new Renault 5 will have a tablet-like infotainment touchscreen and a fully digital rectangular driver’s display.

    The resurrected Renault 5 will not be an entirely new car. Instead, it will share approximately 70% of its components with the Clio and Captur, utilizing the same CMF-B platform adapted for electric vehicle use. This approach will allow Renault to reduce manufacturing costs by 30% compared to the Zoe. The new Renault 5 will feature four large battery modules arranged in a single layer, eliminating unnecessary weight to improve energy density and underbody rigidity, resulting in reduced noise, vibration, and harshness levels. Additionally, Renault’s performance division, Alpine, is planning a hot hatch version of the Renault 5, which is expected to be released in 2024.

    In summary, the Renault 5 is making a comeback as an all-electric hatchback. While it retains some similarities to the concept car, the prototype showcases its own production-ready features. With the use of shared components and a focus on cost-cutting, Renault aims to bring the new Renault 5 to the market as an affordable and efficient electric vehicle.

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