A$AP Rocky revealed his favorite collaboration with Rihanna is making children in an interview with Complex on Saturday.
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A$AP Rocky revealed his favorite collaboration with Rihanna is “making children” in an interview with Complex on Saturday.

Other than welcoming their two children, RZA and Riot Rose, into the world, the couple has previously worked on music together that featured Rocky on the 2011 “Cockiness (Love It) (Remix)” with the pop star. Additionally, Rihanna starred in Rocky’s 2013 “Fashion Killa” music video. Nine years later, she appeared again in his 2022 visual “D.M.B.”

However, according to Rocky, their children will always be the best creations, “Nothing can compare to that.”

“I think that’s our best creation so far,” he shared. “Nothing is better than that out there, any design. We had a third designer come and help – a ghost designer named God and shaped everything, and we had these beautiful angels,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, this past weekend, Rocky the fashion killa appeared at the Las Vegas “Puma x F1” Collection launch. He holds the title of creative director of the motorsport business category and has a PUMA x F1 partnership. He reveals to Complex that he wants to see more of the urban side of car culture and focuses on the creative process to bring his vision to life.

“I think car culture has always been present in hip-hop,” he revealed. “I don’t see the urban side or the hip-hop side really glorified or displayed in car culture.” He further mentions how he would like to see it become more prevalent.

“The exchange [of ideas] is endless. I think it’s important that that happens. Otherwise, it’s not really a partnership. I think the beauty of this is that we spent a long time trying to understand each other,” he stated.

Additionally, Rocky is very involved in the creative process and finds it difficult to convey his creative process to others. “The most difficult part was conveying my creative to anybody else besides me and my brain because I have a weird way that I process things,” he shared.

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