Hamilton delves into his insights on Red Bull’s 2023 F1 car, as shared with Motorsport Week

    Lewis Hamilton Reveals Eye-Opening Observations from Trailing Max Verstappen’s Red Bull

    Lewis Hamilton, the illustrious British racing driver, had the opportunity to closely observe Max Verstappen’s dominant performance at the United States Grand Prix. Despite eventually falling behind by a margin of 9.5 seconds, Hamilton managed to identify the strengths of Verstappen’s formidable RB19 car. In a detailed analysis shared ahead of the Mexico Grand Prix, Hamilton shed light on his findings at the Circuit of the Americas.

    The seasoned Mercedes driver confirmed his earlier suspicion that the team’s most significant deficit lies in high-speed corners. On the other hand, Hamilton noted that Red Bull’s car exhibited superior drivability compared to his own Mercedes W14. Verstappen’s car showcased excellent tyre management, allowing him to maintain his pace without excessive degradation.

    Hamilton expressed appreciation for the opportunity to closely follow Verstappen’s driving skills, as it provided valuable insights into the rival car’s capabilities. He witnessed firsthand how the Red Bull car is stronger in certain aspects, allowing for earlier acceleration and increased stability. This stability results in lower tyre temperatures and longer-lasting performance. Hamilton remarked that Verstappen, upon exiting the car, didn’t show signs of exhaustion, further highlighting the automobile’s superiority.

    During the challenging race in Texas, Hamilton was within a mere 2.2 seconds of seizing victory before being disqualified due to a technical infringement concerning plank wear. Despite this setback, Hamilton delivered a strong performance in Mexico, finishing as the runner-up to Verstappen, who secured an astonishing 16th win of the season.

    Hamilton admits that Mercedes’ end-of-season resurgence echoes their performance last year. In light of this, he acknowledges the need for considerable changes within the team to close the gap with Red Bull in the upcoming season.

    Reflecting on Mercedes’ promising race pace in Mexico, Hamilton expressed confidence, drawing parallels to their performance at the same time last year. However, he stressed the necessity for significant improvements to ensure competitiveness with Red Bull in Bahrain, where they faced a significant deficit earlier this year.

    Hamilton concedes that Verstappen is likely to add to his illustrious win tally, predicting he will reach 18 or 19 victories this season. The British driver emphasized the importance of Mercedes making drastic changes to mount a stronger challenge against their rivals in the future.

    In summary, Lewis Hamilton’s observations from trailing Max Verstappen’s Red Bull have provided him with invaluable insights into the strengths and advantages of his rival’s car. While acknowledging Mercedes’ deficits in high-speed corners, Hamilton recognized the Red Bull’s superior drivability and impressive tyre management. The experienced driver is determined to implement substantial changes within his team to narrow the gap and pose a stronger challenge to Red Bull in the upcoming season. Hamilton’s analysis demonstrates his commitment to continuous improvement and his relentless pursuit of victory on the racetrack.

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