Hamilton raises suspicion about Mercedes F1 car’s floor malfunctioning in Brazilian GP

    Lewis Hamilton’s Nightmare Race: From Third to Eighth in Brazil Grand Prix

    The Brazilian Grand Prix turned out to be a disastrous race for Lewis Hamilton and his Mercedes team. Despite jumping ahead of Lance Stroll and Fernando Alonso at the start to temporarily secure the third position, Hamilton quickly lost his momentum and slipped down the order. Frustrated, Hamilton complained about his inability to challenge the cars ahead, even with his DRS (Drag Reduction System) open.

    Ultimately, Hamilton finished eighth in the race, a disappointing result for the seven-time world champion. His teammate, George Russell, suffered an even worse fate, retiring from the race due to a cooling issue in his car.

    When questioned about his radio comment regarding the DRS, Hamilton speculated that the floor of his car was not functioning properly. This led the team to adjust their wing settings, resulting in excessive drag on the straights. As a consequence, Hamilton couldn’t match the pace of his competitors and struggled to maintain control through the corners.

    Reflecting on his afternoon, Hamilton summarized his challenges: overheating tires, lack of speed on the straights, and poor grip in the corners. Even passing Stroll and Alonso at the start didn’t provide much optimism for him.

    Hamilton already had an inkling that it would be a tough race, as nothing had changed in the car overnight. He conceded that yesterday’s unexpected lack of pace, which wore down his tires quickly, was an early sign of the difficulties he would face in the race.

    The frustration continued to mount as Hamilton struggled to find answers for his struggles. He acknowledged that there might have been room for improvement in the car’s setup, but it was uncertain whether it would have significantly changed their position on the track.

    Adding to his troubles, Hamilton also experienced a bizarre issue with his left front wheel. At one point, it felt as if the wheel was turning right while he was trying to steer left. Although he initially suspected a loose tire, Hamilton concluded that it might have been caused by a gust of wind.

    As Hamilton and Mercedes grapple with their disappointing performance, they are left wondering whether the struggles were track-specific or indicative of broader problems. This setback will undoubtedly trigger an in-depth analysis within the team to identify the root cause of their difficulties and make the necessary adjustments.

    The Brazilian Grand Prix certainly didn’t go as planned for Hamilton and Mercedes. The team will need to regroup and strategize to bounce back in the upcoming races. With the championship still up for grabs, Hamilton and his team must quickly find solutions to regain their winning form.

    In the coming week, thorough analysis and discussions will take place within the Mercedes camp to address the issues faced in Brazil. Hamilton remains hopeful that they will learn from their mistakes and come back stronger in future races. While he admits that the car didn’t perform as expected in Brazil, he remains confident in his team’s ability to overcome challenges and get back on track.

    The Brazilian Grand Prix may have been a nightmare for Hamilton, but true champions rise above adversity. The focus now shifts to the next race, where Hamilton and Mercedes will aim to redeem themselves and reclaim their place at the top of Formula 1.

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