Increase in Cybersecurity Hiring Activity in the Automotive Sector

    Title: Computer and Mathematical Occupations Dominate Automotive Industry’s Cybersecurity Hiring

    The cybersecurity landscape within the global automotive industry has witnessed significant changes in recent times. In the third quarter of 2023, Computer and Mathematical Occupations emerged as the leading job roles in the industry with a 23% share of cybersecurity-related new job postings. However, there has been a 33% decline in these postings compared to the previous quarter. This article explores the driving factors behind the hiring activity, the top companies contributing to it, and the geographical distribution of new job postings.

    Computer and Mathematical Occupations:
    The field of Computer and Mathematical Occupations has gained prominence in the automotive industry’s cybersecurity hiring. With a 23% share of new job postings in Q3 2023, this job role has been a driving force. However, there was a significant drop of 33% in new job postings compared to the previous quarter. Management Occupations ranked second, accounting for an 11% share, with a 21% decline in job postings. Other notable job roles include Architecture and Engineering Occupations, which held an 8% share, and Business and Financial Operations Occupations, which accounted for 5% of new job postings.

    Top Companies in Automotive Industry Hiring:
    A select group of companies stood out for their significant contributions to cybersecurity-related hiring in the automotive industry. Plastal, AB Volvo, Robert Bosch, Continental, and Magna International emerged as the top five companies responsible for 51% of all new job postings. Plastal led the pack with 771 cybersecurity-related new job postings in Q3 2023, followed by AB Volvo with 482 postings, Robert Bosch with 431 postings, Continental with 264 postings, and Magna International with 238 postings.

    Geographical Distribution of Hiring Activity:
    The United States took the lead in cybersecurity-related new job postings in the automotive industry, accounting for 26.67% of the total share in Q3 2023. Germany followed closely with a share of 19.68%, and India secured third place with a 10.51% share. It’s worth noting that the US’s percentage decreased by 12 points compared to the preceding quarter when it accounted for 38.84% of postings.

    The automotive industry is experiencing a shift in the cybersecurity hiring landscape, with Computer and Mathematical Occupations driving the majority of new job postings. However, there has been a noticeable decline in these postings in Q3 2023. Top companies like Plastal, AB Volvo, Robert Bosch, Continental, and Magna International have played a significant role in this hiring activity. The United States, Germany, and India have been the primary contributors to the industry’s cybersecurity workforce. By understanding these trends, businesses can stay informed and gain a competitive advantage in an evolving landscape.

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