Krave Media’s MTRSPT1 Channel Enhances Live Sport Content Distribution on CTV Platforms through Amagi Partnership

    Amagi and Krave Media Partner to Revolutionize Motorsports Streaming Experience with Live Events on Leading CTV Platforms!

    In a groundbreaking collaboration, Amagi and Krave Media have come together to transform the world of motorsports streaming. The partnership aims to provide motorsports fans with unprecedented access to live racing events while redefining the overall streaming experience. With this exciting development, motorsports enthusiasts can now enjoy premium content on popular CTV platforms such as Sling, LG Europe, Xiaomi, Samsung Australia, and many more.

    The announcement comes shortly after the launch of MTRSPT1, the flagship motorsports channel that utilizes Amagi’s cutting-edge technology. Amagi LIVE, the orchestration platform, ensures the seamless execution of live sporting events. Meanwhile, Amagi CLOUDPORT, the cloud-based playout solution, guarantees top-notch broadcast quality. Through this game-changing technology, Krave Media aims to enhance the motorsports streaming experience and captivate global audiences.

    John Duff, the Chief Operating Officer of Krave Media, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, “We are excited to join forces with Amagi to elevate the motorsports streaming experience. Amagi’s expertise in live event execution and extensive distribution capabilities align perfectly with our vision for MTRSPT1. Together, we aim to provide global motorsports fans with unparalleled access to live racing, plus a complete content offering from motorsport docuseries to garage, builder, collector, and automotive lifestyle programming.”

    MTRSPT1 serves as the ultimate destination for motorsport enthusiasts, offering 24/7 live sports content that includes tier-1 racing, reality shows, magazine features, builder shows, documentaries, and automotive lifestyle programming. With this comprehensive lineup, the channel caters to the diverse interests of motorsports fans worldwide.

    Thanks to Amagi CLOUDPORT, Krave Media can simplify programming and streamline content workflows for CTV. This revolutionary solution offers comprehensive programming features, resulting in enhanced efficiency, faster programming, and smoother playout workflows. In conjunction with Amagi CLOUDPORT, Amagi LIVE empowers Krave Media to remotely manage and dynamically produce various live event segments with minimal latency, ensuring an uninterrupted viewing experience on their 24/7 linear channel.

    The partnership with Amagi effectively addresses several crucial challenges faced by Krave Media. The company required a technology partner capable of delivering high-quality playout, supporting weekly live sporting events for multiple motorsport racing events, and distributing content to a wide range of CTV platforms. Amagi’s expertise and robust capabilities perfectly align with these requirements, making them an ideal collaborator for Krave Media’s ambitious goals.

    Srinivasan KA, Co-founder & Chief Revenue Officer at Amagi, expressed his excitement about the partnership, saying, “Amagi is thrilled to partner with Krave Media in delivering top-tier technology and content for motorsports worldwide. This collaboration underscores our commitment to simplifying programming and streamlining content workflows for CTV, ultimately enabling more efficient operations and faster programming. We are excited to contribute to Krave Media’s vision for MTRSPT1 and the motorsports industry as a whole.”

    In conclusion, the partnership between Amagi and Krave Media represents a major step forward in the world of motorsports streaming. With the combined expertise of these two industry leaders, fans can expect a truly immersive and engaging viewing experience. As technology continues to advance, motorsports enthusiasts have every reason to rejoice, as live racing events and a wide array of captivating content are now just a click away. Stay tuned as Amagi and Krave Media revolutionize the motorsports industry and leave a lasting impact on the streaming landscape!

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