Machete-Wielding Gangs Stealing Ferraris in ‘Poshest’ Area; Flaunting Exploits on TikTok

    Inside the Most Expensive Postcode in Britain: A Hub of Supercar Theft

    In the opulent streets of Chelsea, West London, a Grand Theft Auto-style hellscape of supercar thefts has emerged. Criminals armed with £10 key jammers bought online are stealing Ferraris and Range Rovers in a matter of seconds. To add insult to injury, these thieves are proudly boasting about their crimes on TikTok.

    Amidst the glamorous backdrop of the UK’s richest postcode, luxury vehicles are being targeted by a myriad of criminals. Balaclava-clad moped gangs wielding machetes have been known to slice off £100k luxury watches from the wrists of the uber-rich. The crime wave has become so prevalent that residents are even resorting to keeping their car keys in metal containers to protect them from key scanners.

    The audacity of these criminals is on full display, with footage captured by Ring doorbells showing thieves peering into high-end vehicles in broad daylight. In one viral TikTok video, a balaclava-clad thug gleefully proclaims, “no one’s out here doing it like me bruv,” as he speeds down a Central London street in a stolen Ferrari.

    Car theft has reached alarming levels in Chelsea, with seven Ferraris stolen in Kensington and Chelsea in just one month. Thefts have been fueled in part by a ransomware hack of Italian supercar manufacturers’ IT systems earlier this year. It has been reported that these stolen vehicles are often shipped to Russia due to a shortage of new cars.

    The brazenness of these crimes extends beyond car theft. Home invasions have also become a major concern for Chelsea residents. One woman recounted a highly coordinated burglary that saw a thief make off with £20,000 worth of goods in just 30 minutes. The meticulousness of the operation left the police in awe, suggesting that it was the work of professional criminals.

    In addition to property theft, high-end watch theft is a significant issue plaguing the area. Chauffeur Asen Vladimirov recalled a harrowing incident in which one of his clients was robbed at knifepoint for a gold £100,000 Patek Philippe watch. The thief mercilessly cut the strap with the knife, leaving the victim with a scar and necessitating twelve stitches.

    The scale of these crimes has prompted insurance companies to take action. Many underwriters now require vehicles to be fitted with a tracker before they can be insured. This has posed a problem for Geoff Waters, an 81-year-old resident who owns a £125,000 Porsche Boxster convertible. Mr. Waters was informed that he could not insure his vehicle until it was equipped with a tracker. The installation is estimated to cost him around £690.

    The escalating crime rate has left the local community feeling vulnerable and disillusioned. The Chelsea Society, a heritage group, has expressed concerns about the increase in violent crimes involving machetes. One member revealed that they had heard instances of robbers threatening women and demanding their watches at knifepoint. The situation has reached such depths that one victim of a Patek Philippe robbery sold his entire £1.5 million watch collection due to the psychological trauma inflicted by the incident.

    The Metropolitan Police has been approached for comment on the matter, but solutions to tackle this pervasive issue have yet to be implemented. In the meantime, Chelsea residents continue to live in fear, their extravagant lifestyles marred by the constant threat of theft and violence.

    In conclusion, it is evident that the most exclusive postcode in Britain has become a breeding ground for supercar theft and high-end property invasions. The allure of luxury vehicles and valuable possessions has made Chelsea an attractive target for criminals. As the epidemic of theft and violence intensifies, residents are left grappling with the need to fortify their homes and protect their prized possessions. The authorities must address this growing problem promptly to restore a sense of safety and security to the residents of Chelsea.

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