Mercedes-AMG GT Track Car: Now Includes Personalized Undergarments

    The Mercedes-AMG GT2 Pro: The Ultimate Track Car for Motorsport Enthusiasts

    The Mercedes-AMG GT2 Pro has made its debut, catering to wealthy motorsport enthusiasts who are eager to hit the track. With a starting price of $509,545 (479,000 euros), this track-focused machine offers unparalleled performance and exhilarating driving experience.

    Derived from the existing Mercedes-AMG GT2, the Pro version takes things up a notch. It boasts a Push2Pass system that temporarily increases the output from its twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 engine to a staggering 739 horsepower (551 kilowatts) – surpassing the standard 697 hp (520 kW) during regular driving. To enhance the thrilling experience, the car features a sequential six-speed transmission with modified gear ratios.

    In terms of design, the GT2 Pro showcases some unique touches. The aerodynamics have been extensively optimized, with larger endplates added to the rear wing. The car flaunts a stylish matte gray body adorned with striking teal stripes, while the 18-inch wheels perfectly complement the color scheme. The carbon-fiber elements of the body receive a stunning bright finish. Inside the cabin, the center console has been given a bluish hue with the addition of a varnish. To ensure maximum comfort during track sessions, the GT2 Pro comes equipped with air conditioning.

    Safety is of utmost importance, and the GT2 Pro is packed with safety features to put drivers’ minds at ease. It comes with a robust carbon safety cell, a five-point harness, safety nets, a fire extinguisher, and an extraction hatch on the roof. These elements guarantee the utmost protection on the racetrack.

    Buyers of the GT2 Pro are given a comprehensive range of track-focused accessories. Puma supplies a racing suit, gloves, shoes, and even competition underwear – ensuring that drivers have all the necessary gear. Furthermore, a Bell helmet with a special Mercedes-AMG GT2 Pro design is included.

    For those seeking additional amenities, Mercedes offers several options to enhance the overall experience. A passenger safety cell is available, allowing a second occupant to ride along on the track. Seat and helmet cooling, as well as a drinking system, can be added. As an added bonus, buyers have the opportunity to receive instruction from a member of the Mercedes-AMG Driver Pool.

    While the GT2 Pro is not initially race-legal, Mercedes provides the option to downgrade the car to meet competition requirements. Buyers of the GT2 Pro also receive priority access for entering AMG Racing Series events, further enhancing the track experience.

    It’s worth noting that the GT2 Pro is not the only track-focused variant available for the Mercedes sports coupe. In August, the automaker introduced the GT3 Edition 55, limited to just five units. Although lacking FIA homologation for competition, these models featured a boosted 6.3-liter V8 engine, producing around 650 hp – approximately 100 hp more than the regular GT3. The price tag for one of these limited GT3 Edition 55 models sat at roughly $620,000 (625,000 euros).

    Looking to the future, Mercedes may be developing a high-performance, road-legal AMG GT. The Concept E Performance, featuring an electric motor on the rear axle in addition to the twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8, showcased a total output exceeding 800 hp. This potential model promises extraordinary performance and thrilling driving dynamics.

    In conclusion, the Mercedes-AMG GT2 Pro is a dream come true for avid motorsport enthusiasts. With its immense power, track-focused design, and comprehensive range of accessories, this machine guarantees an unforgettable and adrenaline-fueled experience on the racetrack. Although it comes with a hefty price tag, the GT2 Pro is the ultimate choice for those seeking uncompromising performance and thrills beyond imagination.

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