Mercedes Chief Maneuvers Electric G-Class with 360-Degree Turn on the Spot

    Mercedes-Benz’s CEO Demonstrates Impressive Maneuver in Electric EQG

    Mercedes-Benz is gearing up to introduce a fully electric version of its iconic G-Class, known as the EQG, in 2024. Ahead of its debut, a video showcases none other than the Mercedes CEO, Ola Källenius, behind the wheel of the electric SUV as he performs a jaw-dropping 360-degree turn on the spot, known as a “G Turn.” This maneuver, which can also be activated by pressing a button and using the left paddle behind the steering wheel, adds to the EQG’s off-road capabilities. The video highlights the upcoming electric SUV’s prowess and offers a glimpse into its performance.

    Mercedes has updated the G-Class only a few times since its inception in the late 1970s. The latest model was launched in 2018, while the fully electric EQG will mark yet another significant transformation for the legendary off-roader. Despite the introduction of the electric variant, the traditional internal combustion engine G-Class will continue production and receive a facelift.

    To enable the EQG to perform impressive off-road maneuvers, such as the 360-degree G Turn, Mercedes equips it with four electric motors, one for each wheel. The electric SUV also features reinforced underbody protection with two layers of carbon fiber and an additional material, ensuring the battery remains undamaged during off-road adventures.

    While the EQG generates excitement, Mercedes doesn’t stop at that. The brand plans to release a G-Class facelift alongside the EQG in early 2024, followed by a smaller variant later in the decade. The smaller model, tentatively called the “Little G,” will be fully electric and built on a unibody platform. Although it may lack the same off-road capabilities as its larger counterpart, the Little G aims to capture the attention of electric SUV enthusiasts.

    Hyundai Rules Out Sonata N and “Stupid Loser” Electric Hot Hatchback

    In other news, Albert Biermann, Hyundai’s Executive Technical Advisor, recently declared that a high-performance N version of the Sonata midsize sedan is not in the company’s plans. According to Biermann, the Sonata N Line currently serves as the top-tier performance variant, emphasizing that the Sonata is not a race car.

    Furthermore, Biermann discourages the development of an electric hot hatchback utilizing a 400V system, deeming it a “stupid loser” move when compared to 800V electric cars from China. Instead, he suggests focusing on launching a more affordable hot hatchback that undercuts the performance of Hyundai’s Ioniq 5 N model. Biermann confirms that he has already proposed this idea to Hyundai executives.

    Although the Sonata N and the 400V electric hot hatchback won’t make it to production, Hyundai enthusiasts can still enjoy the sportier Sonata N Line. Additionally, they can anticipate a more budget-friendly hot hatch in the future, aimed at those seeking an exhilarating driving experience at a lower price point.

    These developments from Mercedes-Benz and Hyundai provide insights into the future of electric SUVs and high-performance sedans. Car enthusiasts can look forward to the electrification of iconic models like the G-Class, as well as more accessible options for those with a need for speed.

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