Mid Dorset welcomes new bike share program

    Astonishing! A Revolutionary Bike Share Scheme Takes Dorset by Storm

    A ground-breaking bike share initiative has surfaced in the picturesque towns of Corfe Mullen and Upton, nestled in the scenic region of Dorset. Brace yourselves, ladies and gentlemen, as this remarkable scheme allows both residents and tourists to bask in the beauty of the local area and beyond. Prepare to be blown away!

    Get ready, because a staggering eighty bikes are now up for grabs at the dazzling Beryl bays scattered throughout these towns. Whether you prefer the thrill of a classic pedal cycle or the convenience of an e-bike, this one-of-a-kind scheme has got you covered.

    These exquisitely designed bays, adorned with vibrant green Beryl signage, can be found at various locations in Corfe Mullen and Upton. All you need to do is download the Beryl app, an absolute must-have for adventurers, book your bike, and let the excitement begin.

    Hold on tight, because after achieving resounding success in Wimborne, Ferndown, Poole, Bournemouth, Christchurch, Wool, and Studland, this magnificent bike share scheme is expanding its reach, allowing even more intrepid souls to explore this wondrous area.

    Councillor Noc Lacey Clarke, the esteemed Dorset Council Cabinet Lead for Highways and Travel, expressed their delight at the extension of this beloved bike hire scheme into mid Dorset. They hailed it as the perfect way to delve into the area’s treasures, bid farewell to your car, and embrace an active lifestyle. And if you’re itching to try an electric bike, behold, the new e-bikes are a splendid addition to the fleet! They effortlessly conquer those hilly regions, making your adventure all the more enjoyable.

    But wait, there’s more! Dorset Council has set ambitious targets for Carbon Emission Reduction, and this pioneering initiative aligns perfectly with their vision of creating stronger and healthier communities. By encouraging more individuals to leave their vehicles behind and embark on the two-wheeled journey of a lifetime, we not only contribute to their well-being but also tackle congestion on the roads and improve air quality. And let’s not forget the incredible savings this brings, as our services are an economical alternative to private vehicle use, eliminating fuel, insurance, tax, MOT, parking, storage, and maintenance costs. It’s a win-win situation!

    Would you like to ramp up your adventure even further? With Beryl bike bays spread across the southern, eastern, and now the magnificent mid Dorset, riders have the freedom to embark on extended journeys, exploring various towns and attractions. Imagine commencing your ride in Ferndown, following scenic cycle routes to Wool, catching a train back to Poole, and then picking up another bike to conclude your epic journey. The possibilities are truly endless!

    Let’s delve into the myriad benefits of embracing this extraordinary bike share initiative:

    1. Embrace the Natural Beauty of Dorset: Immerse yourself in the stunning landscapes, soak in the charm of the local area, and awaken your senses to the wonders of nature.

    2. Save Money on Fuel and Parking: Bid farewell to the endless expense of fuel and exorbitant parking fees. Your wallet will thank you!

    3. Enhance Your Fitness and Wellbeing: Embrace an active lifestyle, boost your cardiovascular health, and experience the thrill of exploring on two wheels.

    4. Contribute to Cleaner Air and Reduced Carbon Emissions: By choosing sustainable transport options like biking, you become a superhero in the fight against pollution and climate change.

    5. Avoid the Frustrations of Traffic Congestion: Ditch the gridlock and enjoy the freedom of gliding through traffic with ease.

    Now, let’s dive into the specifics of hiring a Beryl bike:

    The Beryl app, available for free on both the App Store for iOS and the Google Play Store for Android users, ensures a seamless experience for all adventurers. Simply download the app, locate the nearest bicycle, tap to unlock, and off you go! As you reach your destination, conveniently park your bike at any designated Beryl bay and liberate yourself to revel in the rest of your remarkable day. For full details on how this magical system works, visit the Beryl website.

    Ah, and how can we forget the electrifying electric bikes? These marvels work on a pedal-assist basis, where the electric motor provides a delightful boost as soon as you start pedaling, especially on challenging terrains. The assist is capped at 15.5mph, ensuring a controlled and secure ride. Once you reach this speed, the motor gracefully steps aside, allowing you to pedal as usual. Discover the joy of riding an e-bike, an experience unlike any other.

    To embark on your cycling odyssey and for further information, visit the enchanting world of This marvelous scheme in Dorset commenced its journey in August 2022 and, thus far, has awed us with over 5,500 sustainable journeys covering nearly 20,000km – surpassing the distance between Dorset and New Zealand! To learn more about its triumphant first year in Dorset, click here.

    Now, my dear readers, fasten your helmets, tighten those shoe laces, and prepare to traverse the mesmerizing wonders of Dorset on two wheels. Let the captivating landscapes, the thrills of adventure, and the spirit of exploration guide you. The time is ripe to join this innovative bike share initiative and uncover the marvelous possibilities that await you. Discover the abundance of treasures this splendid region has to offer, all while relishing the thrill of biking. So, are you ready to embark on an unforgettable journey? Mount your bike, and let’s soar into the unknown!

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