Home Industry News Mike Spinelli and Travis Okulski Named Group Editorial Leaders at Motorsport Network

Mike Spinelli and Travis Okulski Named Group Editorial Leaders at Motorsport Network

Mike Spinelli and Travis Okulski Named Group Editorial Leaders at Motorsport Network

Motorsport Network Makes Revolutionary Hires to Transform the Future of Automotive Media

In a groundbreaking move, Motorsport Network has announced the hiring of two industry veterans, Mike Spinelli and Travis Okulski. These significant appointments come as part of GMF Capital’s recent acquisition and investment in Motorsport Network, with the aim of expanding the presence and scope of its titles, including Motorsport.com, Autosport, Motor1, InsideEVs, and RideApart.

Mike Spinelli, the newly appointed Head of Content, brings to the table over two decades of automotive and motorsports media experience. He has an impressive track record, having served as the founding editor of Jalopnik, Editor-in-Chief of 0-60 magazine, and co-founder of the popular /DRIVE YouTube channel. Spinelli has also garnered attention as a writer, producer, and host of automotive videos on YouTube and cable TV, including the show /DRIVE on NBC Sports. Most recently, he made his mark as a writer and story editor for the IMSA GTP docuseries, Win the Weekend. With his vast knowledge and expertise, Spinelli is poised to lead brand extensions across Motorsport Network’s portfolio.

Travis Okulski, on the other hand, assumes the role of Editorial Director, Automotive. Okulski boasts a decade-long career in automotive media, having kickstarted Business Insider’s automotive coverage. He subsequently held Editor-in-Chief positions at both Jalopnik and Road & Track, where he spearheaded a significant revamp of America’s longest-running sports car magazine. Okulski most recently served as Road & Track‚Äôs Editor-at-Large, focusing on print and web feature stories. With his invaluable experience, Okulski is set to elevate the brands Motor1, InsideEVs, and RideApart to greater heights.

Both Spinelli and Okulski recognize the immense opportunity and potential that lies within their new roles. Spinelli expresses his enthusiasm for revitalizing the mission of motorsports and automotive media, sharing their access, knowledge, and obsessions with a dynamic and expanding community of fans and enthusiasts. He believes that there has never been a more exciting time to cover the intersection of sports and technology, an exciting prospect indeed.

Similarly, Okulski is thrilled to join Motorsport Network and lead such highly regarded titles. He aims to cultivate these brands into must-read destinations for both ardent car enthusiasts and newcomers to the automotive world. Okulski’s vision includes creating valuable resources for car shoppers, further establishing Motorsport Network as a trusted and comprehensive source of automotive information.

Motorsport Network itself holds a significant position in the industry, with over 40 million monthly users and an active social media community exceeding 15 million followers. As the world’s largest independent motorsports and automotive media platform, Motorsport Network boasts nearly 50 digital flagships, covering prominent brands such as Motor1.com, InsideEVs, RideApart, Motorsport.com, Autosport, Motorsport-Total, and GPOne.

The addition of Spinelli and Okulski to the Motorsport Network team signifies a new era for automotive media. With their combined expertise and the support of GMF Capital’s acquisition, the stage is set for Motorsport Network to revolutionize and redefine the landscape of motorsports and automotive journalism. This move marks an unparalleled opportunity to engage with an ever-expanding community and deliver captivating content that showcases the fascinating fusion of sports and technology.

As the industry eagerly awaits the fruits of these innovative hires, the future of automotive media has never looked brighter. Watch this space for the tremendous impact that Motorsport Network, led by Mike Spinelli and Travis Okulski, will undoubtedly make in shaping the automotive media landscape.


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